‘Gold Rush’ Gives Tour of ‘The Beetle,’ Dave Turin’s Do It All Machine

by Shelby Scott

As we’ve seen in the Discovery seriesGold Rush,” things can get pretty intense mining for gold in deposits across the Canadian Yukon Territory. As such, the crews have a host of vehicles as well as tools to aid in their search. However, on his show, “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” we follow the miner on an intriguing mission to find riches in abandoned mines. The star’s colleagues also have various contraptions that work to their own advantage. However, for Dave Turin, his team has “The Beetle,” and it can do just about anything. Check it out.

“So this is ‘The Beetle,'” Turin’s costar Nathan Clark says, introducing “Gold Rush” fans to the unique contraption. “Dave, Juan, and myself have put a lot of time and effort into ‘The Beetle.'”

Gesturing toward the mining machine, Clark reveals, “‘The Beetle’ gives us the opportunity to go out there and prospect a piece of property properly.”

He continues the “Tech Tour,” sharing, “It can run about 30 yards an hour, so we can get a bulk sample, go in, set up, set down, get that gold, and see exactly what we’re looking at.”

The clip takes the viewer through each piece of the “Gold Rush” team’s Beetle. The miner details each step and tool on the machine, beginning with its bucket as it pulls samples. Those findings then travel up the conveyor, before the rest of the Beetle separates any gold from other materials.

Clark revealed the machine works just as well in a water source. However, it instead employs a pump to perform in a similar manner. He also shared it works in almost any environment, in rural areas in Idaho, amid brush regions, and more.

Overall, he shared, “The Beetle is compact and mobile,” making it invaluable to the “Gold Rush” team.

‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’ Season 4 Promises to be Most Intense Yet

There’s nothing easy about mining for gold, and while we’ve definitely seen some pretty harsh conditions and dangerous digs before, a new promo for Friday night’s season premiere promises the 4th installment of “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” will be the most intense yet. Check it out.

From the get-go, we encounter some of the dangers the Turin team faces, the miner taking to the skies in a helicopter only to encounter incredibly dense fog. “This is pretty crazy,” the “Gold Rush” star admitted.

While footage from the clip captures gorgeous scenery, untouched by the hands of civilization, we soon realize all that beauty boasts some pretty treacherous territory.

“What in the hell did I get myself into?” Clark asks over the radio. Well, based on the clip, they’ve not only got “big bears, [and] big rocks,” but, fortunately, “big gold.”