‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’: Jeff Deals with Pump Problems in Trailer for Upcoming Episode

by Joe Rutland

Time is of the essence on a new episode of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail and there is a need for this hydraulic pump to get fixed. See, this is an integral part of the entire process when it comes to mining for gold. Should the pump not be able to work or get fixed, then the entire operation might be in jeopardy. Watching these men go through their paces is always interesting.

Parker Schnabel has been around enough of the gold mining world to know how important having the pump work does matter. What can Jeff do here? As we can see, it’s his expert analysis that will matter at this juncture. In this clip ahead of Friday night’s episode, we all get a chance to see what Jeff is able to do.

Schnabel, as we said, has been around this world of mining for gold for a bit. He appears to always be looking ahead to another project. Well, Schnabel is talking about how much money he’s putting into his next plan. How much? When getting up a new operation in Alaska, it will cost him $5 million. That’s quite an investment into what he’s going to be doing there.

“You know, prices have gone crazy,” he said in a clip posted to the show’s Instagram account. “In terms of like building a new operation and what our goal is this winter, is like, we need to find a wash plant—first and foremost. And that’s the basis that everything else is built around.” There you go, fans. He’s a very industrious individual and has proven that over the years.

Parker Schnabel of ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Talks About Biggest Problem In His Industry

Meanwhile, he’s also offering up what is the biggest problem in the mining industry. “The biggest problem that we face is just, that as an industry — in the real world they would call it the ‘total addressable market,’ right — which is, if you sell, you know, newspapers, you can only sell newspapers to so many people,” Schnabel said. “In mining, in plaster mining in the Yukon, there’s only so many ounces of gold in the ground.”

Schnabel would go on to say that the goal of a mining company is to actually put itself out of business. He explains. “And your job is to mine as efficiently as possible, and make as much money per ounce that you’re finding as you can,” he said. We all know that he’s been digging up a lot of things in his business. But what is the coolest thing that he’s ever dug up? “We’ve found some mammoth tusks, which was really cool,” he said one time in an interview.