‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’: New Trailer Teases an Extremely ‘Dangerous Detour’ for Parker and Company

by Taylor Cunningham

Parker Schnabel has been risking life and limb for his newest project on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. But his most recent adventure may be his most death-defying yet.

On Twitter, the franchise posted a short clip from an upcoming episode. And it has us worried about the mine boss and his crew.

“‘We might have to spend the night out here.’ #GoldRush: Parker’s Trail takes a dangerous detour Friday at 8P on @Discovery and @discoveryplus,” the series captioned.

In the promo, Parker and his team are canvassing high up in the icy mountains of New Zealand. And they’re “keen” to get back down to the warmer, lower ground.

But on their descent, the weather takes a turn and brings in some heavy clouds that will be dangerous for their helicopter to navigate. However, with some quick-moving, they can get to the copter before it’s too late and fly under the weather.

If they can’t get to base on time, though, that would mean spending the night on the mountain top.

“That actually makes me a little nervous,” Parker shouts when his climbing guide gives him the news.

As it stands in the video, they have a 20% chance of missing their opportunity to make it home.

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Took Parker Deep Diving in Shark-Infested Waters

But the mountain top horror story isn’t the only nail-biting situation that Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail has showcased recently.

Earlier this month, the series found Parker searching for gold in a less common terrain—at the bottom of the ocean. And to make it worse, the spot he picked out was rumored to be loaded with gold and known to be infested by sharks.

In a clip posted on June 17th, Parker Schnabel explains that there is a location in the Indian Ocean that is “apparently highly concentrated for gold.” And it’s remained mostly untouched for decades.

“It seems like a really cool opportunity,” he tells the cameras. “And if there’s, ya know, actually some gold down there, it would be pretty cool.”

So with the prospect stuck in his mind, he decides to hop a boat, suit up, and throw himself into the water to find out if the stories are true. And he seems to have no reservations about the man-eating fish lurking below.

With a guide, the reality star heads to the ocean floor to collect some soil samples. And as he works, the sharks take notice and begin nearing him.

Luckily, he survived the dive. But how will he handle the panic on the mountain? You can catch the entire episode this Friday at 8 PM on the Discovery Channel.