‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’: Parker Deals With Sharks in the Deep Blue in First Look at New Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

During his time on Gold Rush, mine boss Parker Schnabel gambled fame, fortune, and friendship to amass his $8 million fortune. And according to a recent promo for his spinoff Parker’s Trail, he’s apparently willing to risk his life, too.

In the series, Parker travels the path of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush hoping to strike it rich(er). And he’s enjoyed his fair share of luck since the debut episode in 2017. But he doesn’t think he’s been lucky enough. So he’s stepping away from digging up bits of the Alaskan frontier and moving into shark-infested waters of Western Australia.

“Normally you get out of the water when there are sharks,” the franchise’s Twitter page wrote alongside a clip. “Parker is taking his search for gold to a whole other level.”

According to the Discovery, the reality star is visiting the outback in search of some dry-mining equipment needed for a new project he’s hatching in Alaska. But apparently, he couldn’t pass up a chance to traverse some untouched land below sea level.

As Parker shares in the video, a specific spot of the Indian ocean floor is “apparently a highly concentrated for gold.”

“It seems like a really cool opportunity. And if there’s, ya know, actually some gold down there, it would be pretty cool,” he says.

So to prove his thirst for riches, the reality star suits up to go on a dive—with the sharks—to better assess the situation.

With the help of another diver, Parker goes deep below the surface to grab samples of soil. Before spending money on a costly dig, he has to decide if the rumors are true. And while they’re down there, it’s not long before the sharks begin swarming.

Parker Schnabel is Dropping $5 Million on a New ‘Gold Rush’ Project

The promo doesn’t give any information on why Parker Schnabel traveled from frigid Alaska to Balmy Australia. But as noted above, Discovery shared that he’s overseas hunting for equipment.

During an earlier promo, Parker interviews with a Gold Rush cameraman and admits that he’s investing a shocking $5 million on a new dig site in Fairbanks. And he’s frantically searching for equipment so he can get started before next summer.

Apparently, inflation has hit the steel industry hard, and “prices have gone crazy.” So he wants to make sure he locks down everything he needs before the costs go any higher. But there is one particular piece of equipment that he’s hyperfocused on finding first.

“In terms of like building a new operation and what our goal is this winter, is like, we need to find a wash plant—first and foremost. And that’s the basis that everything else is built around,” he admits.