‘Gold Rush’ Previews The Hoffmans Finding ‘Huge Surprise’ Ahead of Tonight’s Episode

by Megan Molseed

The popular Discovery Channel series Hoffman Family Gold is still in its premiere season, and the excitement keeps getting better. And, this week’s episode of the Gold Rush spin-off series will bring a surprise for the gold miners.

One that could very well save a disappointing season searching for the precious element. However, things may not shake out in the best way for the reality TV series, as winter soon sets in, making the difficult journey even more challenging.

On Friday, May 13 the Gold Rush Twitter page shares some tense moments from the upcoming episode of the hit Discovery Channel series Hoffman Family Gold.

“The Hoffmans discover a huge surprise that could save their season,” notes the Friday, May 13 tweet.

“But are they too late?” the message adds.

#HoffmanFamilyGold is all-new tonight,” the message adds. “followed by #GoldRush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue on @Discovery and @discoveryplus.”

In the tweet, Gold Rush shares a clip from the upcoming episode; sharing the challenges the team faces as winter sets in at their Alaskan location.

“In the wilds of Alaska Todd Hoffman’s team has transformed an ailing mine,” notes the voiceover in the exciting sneak peek clip. The beginning of the video shares with fans the exciting events from early in the Hoffman Family Gold series. Depicting the moments the gold miners succeed in getting the mine up and running. However, these joyous moments don’t last forever, as the unforgiving Alaskan chill – and ice – begins to set in.

The Team Faces Challenges As They Hurry To Beat The Relentless Alaskan Winter Weather

Just as the Hoffmans and their team hit their stride in the reality show’s premiere season, the weather comes in with some different plans. And, the team works tirelessly to beat the elements.

“Winter has arrived,” the voiceover in the Twitter video notes, just as we hear one of the players announce “winter has arrived!” And, the post notes, the “crumbling equipment” is adding to the challenges the team faces as the snow blows in. This, fans know, has so far kept the Hoffman Family Gold stars from reaching their million-dollar goal.

“I don’t want to just get by,” Todd Hoffman says in the tweet. The star adds that he wants to go above and beyond as the team pushes forward.

“I want to kick a–,” the reality TV star says. “I want to kill it.”

And, one “final gamble,” the announcer notes, could lead to some unexpected paydirt. A gamble that will be the “difference between success and failure,” the announcer adds. Tune in to the Discovery Channel or Discovery + tonight, May 13 to see what will happen when the Hoffman Family Gold team tries to find their big payday!