‘Gold Rush’: See Parker Schnabel & Cast in First Look at Season 13 Premiere

by Joe Rutland

If you have been waiting for some news about Gold Rush and Parker Schnabel, then we have you covered here ahead of the Season 13 Premiere. We get the first look at the cast and crew in action with this story from People. Check out the preview video at the top of the story. Schnabel, who is a veteran when it comes to the mining world, knows that he has his work cut out for him.

In comments that he shared, Schnabel happens to also mention Tony Beets, Fred Lewis, and Rick Ness, too. “The world is all screwed up,” Schnabel said. “Tony Beets is struggling with red tape. Fred, the lack of experience is going to hurt him. Rick Ness, rumor has it he’s not even coming back. A lot of people have come and gone, but we’re still here.”

‘Gold Rush’ Adds Two Newcomers To Show

Season 13 sees Beets happen to put up his children’s inheritance. Why? He wants to mine the White Channel, which is the oldest gold deposit in the Klondike. For Lewis, this guy is going to risk it all, it appears. Fred is headed toward a remote claim he has made on what is called California Creek. This reportedly is his remote claim, too. Lewis also has to deal with some really awful weather conditions. That area appears to be covered in both snow and 30 feet of ice.

While some old standards are part of the cast, there are a couple of newcomers. They are Brandon and Brady Clayton. These two are seeking their great wealth as well. One thing about Gold Rush to remember is that these people really do their best to get the gold. They have a limited amount of time to collect it. Schnabel is a team captain these days but he worked his way up the ranks. Knowing that Tony and Rick have struggles facing them will be worth watching the show.

Meanwhile, for those looking to get into the mining game, Schnabel has some words of wisdom for you. “I would recommend it, I think it’s something worth trying,” the gold miner said when talking with The Malestrom. “I wouldn’t recommend pouring your life savings into mining. But I think if you’re getting a job doing it for the summer, it’s not that hard to do, there are a lot of jobs both in the Yukon and Alaska. So go give it a shot. You’ve got nothing but some time to lose.” Be sure to keep your eyes on how Schnabel goes about his business on the show. You can learn some things from him up close and personal.