‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis Captures Incredible ‘First Glimpse’ of Aurora Borealis

by Shelby Scott

Gold Rush fans are used to seeing their favorite miners uncover serious payloads sunken in the Earth’s crust, however, on a unique occasion, series star Fred Lewis caught a glimpse of a very different kind of spectacle. Taking to Instagram in a new post, the Gold Rush star shared his “first glimpse” of the illusive Aurora Borealis.

The photo, which you can view here, is relatively dark. However, for stargazers interested in capturing their first glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lighting up an otherwise pitch dark northern sky, the Gold Rush star’s followers can see the green hue of one of Earth’s most intriguing phenomena at the photo’s center.

Lewis excitedly captioned the post, “First glimpse of Aurora Borealis…of the season! Amazing to think how they get here, science is so cool.”

Gold Rush fans took to the comments to share in Lewis’s awe.

“Nice,” one follower wrote, “not all the ‘gold’ is in the ground.”

A Canadian Gold Rush fan commented, “They are amazing to see and watch! I’m sure happy we get to see them here in Alberta, Canada.”

Others simply wrote, “Beautiful,” and with that, we can definitely agree.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Highlight Differences Between Rick Ness & Todd Hoffman

While Fred Lewis and his followers search the skies for treasures of their own, other fans have previously drawn attention to the similarities and differences between two Gold Rush stalwarts: Rick Ness and Todd Hoffman.

When Gold Rush got off the ground in 2010, series alum Todd Hoffman was at its center as the actual inspiration for the Discovery channel series. Hoffman remained the central focus of the reality TV show for its first eight seasons, though Lewis and other stars headline its current season.

During his time on the show, Hoffman made some major blunders and often put his team in a position to fail, setting lofty goals more than a few times. Ness later joined Gold Rush during its second season and while Hoffman has since left, some fans can’t help but spot some striking similarities.

Fans specifically highlighted the season eight episode that saw Ness spend $50,000 of his boss’s money on several new laborers before even consulting him.

That said, a handful of other fans came to Rick Ness’s defense, highlighting a handful of examples that prove him as the superior Gold Rush star.

In a prior discussion post, several fans pointed out that while his season eight decision could have been costly to operations, he’s still frugal with money. In addition, multiple Gold Rush fans claim that Ness is definitely a more empathetic, hands-on boss.

“When anything goes wrong Rick goes to help,” one fan wrote. “Todd would show up complain and leave.”