‘Gold Rush’: What Did Fred Lewis Do Before He Was on the Show?

by Joe Rutland

Like a lot of people who end up on Gold Rush, mining for gold wasn’t the first job captain Fred Lewis had in his life. Lewis actually did have a role in serving people before ending up on the show. His work happened to be connected with the United States military. So, what actually did Fred Lewis do?

Fred Lewis of ‘Gold Rush’ Proudly Served His Country In The Military

He was a special forces medic who was introduced to the show in a unique way. Lewis happened to be working as a medic for Parker Schnabel in his show, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. That led him to travel to Papua New Guinea in 2019 for that role. Watching everything take place on that show kind of piqued his interest at this lifestyle. But he talks about going from being in the service to working outside the military.

“I’m like a lot of veterans, I’m still in my transition, even though I got out in 2009,” Fred Lewis said in an interview with Military.com. “Since I got out, I’ve gotten into green agriculture. I studied and got a master’s in education and a bachelor’s in science of web design. I never really found my path. (And) I was a high school biology teacher, middle school history teacher, high school rec wrestling coach, volleyball coach, bouncing around trying to find something.”

One Land Owner Happened To Keep Him From Gaining Riches

Last year, Lewis’ hopes for riches were dashed by a landowner. But he’s still in the game right now and can be seen alongside other captains like Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets. As we said, Lewis had a career in the military but some fans wonder why he mentions it so much.

“Dump Fred Lewis and his entire crew off Gold Rush,” one fan writes on Reddit. “They are a waste of time to watch and an embarrassment to the legit miners working. If you won’t do that…at the very least STOP playing the ‘veteran’ card with them.” Another one says, “It’s not even just ‘veteran’, we get ranks, awards, injuries, etc. it’s too much.” This one offers a counter-argument to this, though. “Discovery decides what’s aired in editing, they’re writing Fred’s scripts (there are scripts), the fact you don’t realize this, is just ignorance on your part.”

It so happens that last Veterans Day, Lewis honored those who have served their country. On Twitter, he wrote, “We are so thankful for all who have served and continue to serve. Honoring you this #VeteransDay.” Lewis also spoke to the fans in a video accompanying the tweet. Don’t expect Fred Lewis to ignore his service on the show anytime soon.