‘Good Morning America’ Fans Call Out Strange Detail in Michael Strahan’s New Video

by Megan Molseed

Good Morning America host and former footballer Michael Strahan is dedicated to his longtime barber. And, the morning TV news anchor is sharing with his Instagram fans the loyalty he feels towards his longtime barber while sharing a behind-the-scenes moment in the barber’s chair. However, there was something about this hair-cutting session that just did not sit well with Michael Strahan’s fans.

Michael Strahan Gives Fans A Glimpse Into His Time In The Barber Chair

Michael Strahan got his Insta followers commenting when he shared a video of himself getting a haircut at his regular barber’s. In the clip, Strahan is seen sitting cross-legged in the chair as he waits for his barber of nearly 30 years to give him a quick touch-up.

In the Instagram clip, Michael Strahan scrolls through his phone as he waits for his barber, Ollie, to turn his attention toward him. Strahan scrolls through his phone while captions appear on the video noting that he is “Waiting on Ollie (barber of 30 years) to finish his gummy bears.”

“Who else has an absurd amount of loyalty to their barber?” Strahan inquires in his recent Instagram post.  

“30 years with @cutcreator501,” the footballer continues. “And Idk why LOL… just playing!”

Michael Strahan continues to kid around in the clip, looking comfortable in the chair as he sits casually with his legs crossed. And soon, Ollie steps over to the former football star to begin the haircut.

Strahan’s Fans Note One Detail About The Star’s Barber Video

As the video continues, Strahan captions the clip by saying “Talking that barbershop junk!” as Ollie brushes out his hair. However, fans weren’t so sure about this as they point out one detail in the video…Strahan’s posture in the barber’s chair.

Sure the hilarious Insta clip was amusing to fans. However, some made it a point to mention how Michael Strahan was positioning himself as Ollie the barber went to work.

“Legs couldn’t be crossed in my chair,” one fan comments.

“We were taught that was a sure-fire way for a crooked,” the commenter explains. “You just chillin’!”

“I was thinking the same thing,” another Insta follower agrees.

“My stylist taught me well to never cross my legs,” the commenter continues.

One expert in the business took to the comments. Weighing in on the Good Morning America host’s posture during his haircut.

“I’m a licensed cosmetologist and a licensed barber. Trust me, no one is sitting in the chair like that,” the comment reads. “Even at the barbershop.”

Another fan took issue with Strahan’s constant moving as Ollie cleaned up the TV personalities look. Telling Strahan to “Quit moving your head when he’s cutting!!!”