‘Good Morning America’: George Stephanopoulos Misses Show Again, Fans Voice Concern

by Joe Rutland

Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos did not appear on the ABC show on Friday and fans are voicing their concern. Stephanopoulos is one of the show’s main anchors. Well, he had been on vacation for a bit and just returned to the show this week. As reported by The Sun, ABC correspondent Gio Benitez would take the longtime host’s place on Friday morning.

Benitez even went to Twitter and shared a photo from the anchor desk with Cecilia Vega and Michael Strahan. One fan would write, “Lucky girl Cecilia with these two handsome co-hosts. Happy Friday!!” Where is George? That seems to be the question of the day or moment. He just was spending time with his wife on vacation in Greece.

Fans of ‘Good Morning America’ Share Their Frustration

These people want their friend back on their morning TV sets. Stephanopoulos, who is 61 years old, was off the show for three weeks. Well, the fans could not hold back their emotions any longer. One wrote on Twitter, “I might be late to the party, but I cannot watch Good Morning America until (George Stephanopoulos) comes back.”

This fan pretty much derided the other co-hosts on there, simply saying, ‘I have to turn it off when he’s not on!” Want another fan little tirade? We’ve got you covered. This fan said, “I’ve been turning the channel for the past two weeks!” Ali Wentworth, Stephanopoulos’ wife, reportedly put up a photo of the couple on vacation.

Wentworth would share a photo of them in front of a pool. One of the photos was captioned smartly, with the words, “Greece with my Greek.” It appears that there is some speculation that Stephanopoulos might be leaning toward retirement. One fan would write, “The pics on his wife’s IG page almost make it seem like he’s retired or at least gearing up to retire sad.”

Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos showed back up on Good Morning America earlier in the week. On Monday, he was back at work with Strahan and Vega. One fan would write, “So glad to have you on GMA today!!! We’ve missed you!!!!” Well, another fan thought that he should have an opportunity to “pick out the music” on the show. But we also got some news about another GMA host, Robin Roberts. She’s taking off time for some vacation this summer and she did announce it ahead of time. Roberts has been busy posting photos and videos to her Instagram account. We learned that she is spending time in Italy as the summer months wind down. One of her videos happened to have Dean Martin singing That’s Amore in the background.