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‘Good Morning America’ Has No Plans To Replace Former Hosts After Scandal Leads To Departure

by Megan Molseed
good morning america three hosts
(Photo by Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images)

According to reports, ABC has no plans on searching for replacements for hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes after a scandal saw the two longtime hosts exiting the popular daytime news show.

The longtime hosts were taken off the TV airwaves recently following reports that the two were having an affair, per Decider. Since these reports hit early last month, plenty of rumors have been surrounding the scandal. Some of these rumors claim to document the various “excursions” between Robach and Holmes. Rumors also claim to highlight Holmes’s alleged propensity for being a serial cheater.

Per the Decider report, the longtime Good Morning America hosts are seeking legal action against ABC as a result of their forced prolonged absence from the daytime news program. The network has announced that they are carrying out a review of the hosts’ actions via an internal review.

Page Six report notes that both Holmes and Robach sought council as they counter ABC’s actions. An Insider insists that neither host has been terminated at this time. However, the insider adds they do not “expect T.J.[Holmes] to be on again.”

The news that ABC isn’t actively seeking permanent replacements for the two hosts, suggests that there is a chance we may see their familiar faces yet again on the popular daytime news program. However, the investigation continues as the network continues to investigate multiple infractions including information surrounding various office romances of Holmes’s. Some of these rumored affairs include links to an ABC producer as well as an Intern.

ABC Welcomes A Variety Of Stand In Hosts To Take The Lead Amid Holmes and Robach Affair Scandal

According to Decider’s report, the ABC network has yet to officially release any updates regarding the longtime news hosts. The network has also remained incredibly tight-lipped regarding the investigation into the rumored scandal.

While the hosts remain off the air, however, the popular news program has invited a variety of fill-in hosts to keep the Good Morning America news desk occupied during this piece of the show’s programming.

Some of these fill-ins who are sitting at the news desk with regular host Dr. Jennifer Ashton are Rhiannon Ally, Stephanie Ramos, and Gio Benitez among others.

As previously reported, the Good Morning America hosts were co-hosting the final hour of the news show. This portion which was previously headed by Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes is officially titled GMA3.

It was sometime over the last few months that the hosts who had long been good friends allegedly started the affair.

“Everyone knows that Amy and T.J. have been close friends for a long time now,” an insider has said. “Running together and even socializing as a foursome with each other’s spouses.”

This friendship allegedly evolved into more when, as a source notes, the pair were seen sharing cozy moments together while filming in London.

“They were in London together filming the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for ABC,” the source explains of the GMA3 hosts. “They were all over each other, and staff were buzzing about the intimacy between them.”