‘Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Goes Viral for Hilarious Reaction Caught on Live TV

by Shelby Scott

Michael Strahan is one of the most attention-grabbing TV personalities on Good Morning America, his fun, laidback demeanor long establishing him as a fan-favorite co-host. Last week, The $100,000 Pyramid host went viral, once again, after he had a hilarious reaction to a relatively serious discussion about hair care. Check out the segment below.

Per PopCulture, Michael Strahan’s viral GMA moment came while the morning talk show’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jen Ashton, mentioned the importance of multivitamins and the way they impact your hair health.

During her discussion with Strahan’s cohost Amy Robach, Ashton explained how even prenatal vitamins work to better protect one’s hair.

“Any kind of multivitamin will be good for your hair including a prenatal,” Ashton said, tacking on, “and that goes for men also—you will not grow a uterus if you take a prenatal vitamin.”

The quip drew a laugh from Robach, but a few moments later was when the camera panned to Michael Strahan.

“I’m sorry,” Robach briefly interrupted, “I was laughing because right over your shoulder is Strahan and when you told men that they wouldn’t grow a uterus…his face, I was trying not to laugh.” In making mention of Strahan’s hilarious reaction, the camera recorded a dumbfounded former pro-NFL player waiting for the talk show to move into his own segment.

At that, the hosts moved on from hair care, with Robach humorously passing it along to Michael Strahan himself. Before launching into his own feature, he good-naturedly said, “Thank you, I learned a lot in that segment right there,” drawing another laugh from his female cohosts.

Michael Strahan “Shimmies” Into the Weekend

It may be Monday morning, but over the weekend, Michael Strahan had fans in stitches as they awaited a new episode of his game show, The $100,000 Pyramid. Taking to Instagram on the set of the ABC game show, Michael Strahan showed off his dad-like dance moves, shaking and shimmying his shoulders to the tune of Wiz Khalifa’s “Mirror Love (Groove 2).”

In the caption, the Good Morning America host wrote, “Shimmying my way to the weekend…which means we’re one day closer to a new episode of the #100KPyramid.”

Ahead of Sunday night’s episode, the game show’s official Instagram responded, “Counting down until Sunday!”

Meanwhile, fans promised to tune in to the next all-new episode of the show.

“TGIF Michael!” one wrote. “I’ll be watching from Colorado and I [know] you’ll make it fun.”

Another Michael Strahan fan more humorously added, “C’mon Shoulders.”

Overall, Michael Strahan doesn’t appear to take too many things too seriously. That said, there is one thing that irks him above all else. Don’t come at the TV star’s mohawk. In a recent Instagram video, Strahan spoke about the mohawk he sported a few years ago, shining a light on the different opinions people had about the different hairstyle.

In his post, he wrote, “Were you team Mohawk or team no mohawk?” adding, “Full transparency, I won’t read your comment if you didn’t like it. Haters are just gonna hate.”