‘Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Gets Left Hanging By Costar Who Refuses To Hang Out With Him

by Megan Molseed

Good Morning America anchor, and $100,000 Pyramid host was snubbed live on the air recently when one $100,000 Pyramid guest star and fellow TV star said that they refuse to hang out with the former footballer. Why? Because no one remembers them when Strahan’s around, the contestant jokes.

Michael Strahan Is Snubbed By Another Famous Name In A Recent $100,000 Pyramid Episode

In a recent episode of the popular game show, Michael Strahan is introducing the contestants…including actor and comedian Cedric The Entertainer. And, Strahan is soon snubbed by Cedric as he shares in a recent clip posted to his Twitter page.

“Did @CedEntertainer just make up an excuse to not hang out with me????” Michael Strahan inquires in his August 14 Twitter post. The post includes a clip of the conversation as Strahan introduced Cedric to $100,000 Pyramid watchers.

“Ced,” Michael Strahan says in the clip.

“We haven’t hung out in a while, man,” Strahan continues. “After the show tonight we’re gonna hit it, right?”

“No Michael,” Cedric The Entertainer responds.

“People don’t know,” Cedric continues.

“If you hang out with Michael…he’s such a big personality people never remember that you’re in the room,” he says.

Cedric The Entertainer May Not Be Hanging Out After The Show, But He Sticks Around For the Game!

Michael Strahan adds in his Twitter post quite a few “LOLs” as the two stars and TV personalities are clearly joking around.

“I’ve been out with him,” Cedric continues in the hilarious clip.

“And people are like ‘ah man, Michael Strahan,” the comedian continues. “And Ced, Ced was there.”

But, as Strahan points out in the tweet, he’s still thankful Cedric stuck around to participate in all of the 100k Pyramid fun!

“Thankfully he stuck around for an all new episode of @PyramidABC! 9/8c on ABC!!,” Strahan exclaims adding “#[email protected]@mstrahanbrand.”

Strahan Stresses The Importance Of ‘Having Fun and Enjoying What You Do’

Last week, the longtime host and former footballer posted a video to his social media stressing how important it is to make sure to do something you enjoy. And, the host says, it’s just as important to surround ourselves with others who do the same.

“We have a lot of fun messing around,” Michael Strahan says in the August 9 Twitter post.

“[B]ecause I always say if you’re not having fun and enjoying what you do, why are you doing it??” the footballer adds in his positive message.

Of course, Strahan also notes that it’s important to also make sure our company shares these same values. “Surround yourself with people who do the same,” Michael Strahan says in the Twitter clip.