‘Good Morning America’ Star Makes Eyebrow-Raising Comment During Off-Camera Segment

by Chris Piner

While getting the chance to watch GOOD Morning America live comes with a lot of luck and right timing, recently audience members gasped when comedian Tom Kelly made a comment that caused the entire room to stop. For anyone who watched a few tapings of GMA, the entire show’s light-hearted nature includes gracefully juggling hot topics like politics and celebrities. Dating back to 1975, the show continues to air after 44 seasons. Although receiving positive feedback, Kelly’s time on the show might be numbered. 

Often known for pushing the boundaries, comedians occasionally use bad judgment on a new joke. For Tom Kelly, that moment came when he noticed a young child sitting next to a grown woman at a GOOD Morning America taping. Turning his attention to the pair, the comedian stated, “That could be your first cougar. Play it right and in five years that could be your prom date.” Again, the joke didn’t land as the tone of the room changed instantly. Realizing the situation, Kelly added, “that was a mistake”. 

Tom Kelly No Stranger To Crowd Control

Excelling at warming up a crowd, Tom Kelly goes far beyond GOOD Morning America when it comes to his career of talk shows. In the past, he hyped crowds on shows like The $100,000 Pyramid, America’s Got Talent, and even ABC’s The View. Kelly even worked alongside other comedians like Stephen Colbert.

Not long before the joke caused controversy, fans of GOOD Morning America questioned the production as to why Michael Strahan, longtime host, appeared to be missing. Absent for numerous tapings, the former NFL star finally returned in July to announce a new stage in his professional career. Following the same shows as Tom Kelly, Strahan announced he would be hosting The $100,000 Pyramid. The host shared a clip with the caption and its new time slot, “Me when The $100,000 Pyramid moves to a new time at 9/8C. New time!! Mark your calendar and join us this Sunday.”

Michael Strahan Expands Beyond Good Morning America

The move from GOOD Morning America wasn’t all that shocking since Strahan had been vocal about needing a change for some time. A few weeks ago, he told followers, “I don’t think anyone’s brilliant enough to always hear the answer yes for every idea or everything that they try.” He added, “Do your best at it, because at the end of the day you have to look at yourself with pride and that you put everything you had into the opportunity you were given.”

Handling the backlash from Tom Kelly’s joke, GOOD Morning America appeared to fall back into their usual antics as they celebrated the retirement of not just a normal celebrity, but the Times Square security dog.