‘Good Morning America’ Viewers Urge Show to Fire Host: Here’s Who They Want as Replacement

by Caitlin Berard

Since 2018, Whit Johnson has served as co-anchor of the weekend editions of Good Morning America. Three years later, the journalist added another role to his resume when ABC introduced him as the newest Saturday anchor of ABC World News Tonight. Recently, however, he’s abandoned his post on GMA to fill in for David Muir on World News Tonight.

David Muir has been absent from the show for a full week, but the passionate reporter’s job doesn’t appear to be in jeopardy. He’s simply on a much-needed summer vacation. That said, Whit Johnson’s role with Good Morning America might not be quite as safe. At least not if fans of GMA have a say – they’ve become enamored with the substitute anchor in his absence.

Danielle Breezy, a meteorologist from Nashville, has been filling in for Whit Johnson while he works nights at David Muir’s desk. Rather than begging for Whit’s return, some fans are hoping Danielle replaces him permanently.

“Great job on GMA! I hope you stay on with them,” one fan wrote. “Danielle Breezy should be the permanent replacement for Whit Johnson,” another said.

Meanwhile, Whit Johnson has received plenty of praise of his own over on World News Tonight. Hilariously, while some fans prefer Danielle Breezy to Whit Johnson, they also prefer Johnson to David Muir. “Just want to say how much I enjoy Whit Johnson’s delivery of the news,” one viewer wrote. “He keeps bias out of his voice and doesn’t repeat what has already been shown.”

“Wouldn’t be shocked if ABC is grooming Whit to take David’s job sometime soon,” another said. “You’ve done such a great job, you better put [David Muir] on notice!” joked a third.

‘Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Called Out by Fellow Hosts

The anchors of Good Morning America are no strangers to shocking subject matter, but one topic was too much, even for Michael Strahan. It all started when Dr. Jen Ashton, ABC News’ chief medical correspondent, was invited to discuss hair care tips.

As she went over the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins, she joked that men should consider taking them as well. “Any kind of multivitamin will be for your hair, including prenatal – and that goes for men also. You will not grow a uterus if you take a prenatal vitamin.”

In the background of the clip, Michael Strahan could be seen losing his composure entirely. So much so that Amy Robach had to apologize for her seemingly random outburst of laughter.

“I’m sorry,” she told Dr. Ashton. “I was laughing because right over your shoulder is Strahan, and when you told men that they wouldn’t grow a uterus if they took a prenatal vitamin – his face! I was trying not to laugh!”

@gma @Michaelstrahan’s face after Dr. jen Ashton suggests men can also take prenatal vitamins is everything 🤣 #michaelstrahan #drjen #amyrobach #goodmorningamerica ♬ original sound – Good Morning America