‘Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer Totally Flubs Serena Williams’ Name During Live Segment

by Shelby Scott

Serena Williams has become accustomed to making headlines, especially as the tennis pro recently announced her retirement from the career that has defined her life. However, this time, Serena Williams is making headlines for an entirely different reason. Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer totally flubbed the athlete’s name during a recent live segment. And you can check out the hysterical video here.

If you didn’t catch the mix-up, Spencer, attempting to say “Serena Williams” in the same sentence as the word “twirl,” actually said, “Tweena.” Thankfully though, the Good Morning America host humorously stuck the little mishap perfectly into her brief report. And that’s despite having another mishap earlier on in the broadcast.

Instead of becoming embarrassed by the flub, Spencer joked about it. Speaking quickly to finish her report, the GMA host said, “This morning, tennis fans around the world are paying tribute. They’re celebrating Tweena,” at which she paused and corrected herself, “[Fans are celebrating] Serena with the twirl,” the celebratory move she’s become known for showing off on the courts.

During her report, Spencer encouraged tennis fans to keep performing twirls of their own, stating, “The U.S. Open is encouraging fans to show their support for the GOAT by doing their own version of that signature spin and wave, using the hashtag, #TwirlForSerena.”

‘Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee Was Voted ‘Most Athletic’ In High School

Serena Williams is currently trending online. However, within the realm of Good Morning America, she’s not the only athlete to feature on the show. Taking to her Instagram Story, Good Moning America anchor Ginger Zee recently revealed that she was once voted one of the most athletic members of the student body while in high school.

Shooting the GMA star a message on Instagram, one of Zee’s followers asked her if she’d ever participated in athletics at the high school or college levels. The 41-year-old not only replied affirmatively but revealed she was actually extremely athletic.

Per this American Entertainment article, Ginger Zee participated in a number of sports in her youth, including cross country track, tennis, cheerleading, soccer, and “competitive cheer.”

Now, decades have passed since she became voted one of her school’s most athletic individuals. However, the Good Morning America host has revealed she still runs and she also takes part in yoga.

“Running for me is the easiest,” she explained, “but also the most challenging in ways, because it’s all you. There’s nothing else around you – you just go.”

That said, she continued, “It’s very freeing to allow your brain to go when you don’t have your headphones in. Running for me is almost spiritual because you let yourself into this whole other realm. And once you lose yourself, the race is done.”