‘Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Has Fans Going Nuts Over New Dancing Video

by Sean Griffin

Good Morning America host Michael Strahan posted a video of him dancing to Instagram on Friday—and fans are responding.

“Shimmying my way to the weekend…” the former New York Giants star wrote in his caption of the video, where Strahan gyrates to a Wiz Khalifa song. “Which means we’re one day closer to a new episode of #100KPyramid. 9/8c on Sunday.”

“Awh shimmy! Shimmy!” one account wrote, referring to Strahan’s rendition of the classic dance move.

“OMG yesss!! Have a happy weekend 💖💖” another fan wrote.

Another said, “You are a delight. You light up every show,” referring to Strahan’s glowing personality.

One fan simply commented a string of fire emojis, “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

“Michael should go on Dancing With The Stars this season and he is due to be on the show this season,” one wrote.

“Have a great weekend,” another wrote, while a final fan had to show Strahan some love: “Uhhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

Clearly, Strahan is ready for the weekend and wants to dance to show everyone. Honestly, we can’t blame him.

Michael Strahan Responds to Mohawk Criticism

Recently, Michael Strahan made social media waves when he posted a video on Twitter. In the caption, he wrote, “Alright… a few years back my, brotha and, barber of 30 years, @cutcreator5, had me looking fly with a mohawk. Were you team Mohawk or team no mohawk?   Full transparency, I won’t read your comment if you didn’t like it. Haters are just gonna hate. LOLOL @koralchen36.”

In the video clip while he sits in his barber’s chair, Strahan included photos of the mohawk he had originally sported. However, fans took to the comment section and disagreed with Strahan’s definition of a mohawk.

One fan claimed that Strahan didn’t have their hairstyles correct. They commented, “This is a mohawk,” sharing a photo of a much larger mohawk. “What you had is a faux hawk.”

Another fan had a snarky comment for Strahan. They wrote, “My brother, I’m not sure I can relate to anyone who opines about fashion and style while he has his personal barber grooming him-in his own personal dressing room! C’mon Now!”

One questioned whether the video was staged. “Do you really think Strahan is gonna go to the local barbershop on Main Street? He’s a busy guy.”

However, many other fans were more supportive. One wrote, “The man knows your hair and style! Keep being Stray!” Another said, “I think it looks good!”

One fan wrote, “Nothing like a crisp haircut! Your barber is the bomb! I grew up in the inner city…we may not have had any money but every brotha’s fade was crisp and popping!!! I never liked my son’s Mohawk though…glad he grew out of that phase.”