‘Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Reportedly Facing New Legal Trouble

by Chris Piner

Spending his entire professional career as a defensive end for the New York Giants, Michael Strahan helped the team win Super Bowl XLII. With 15 years in the NFL, he holds the most quarterback sacks in a single season with T.J. Watt. Moving past the NFL, Strahan appears on Good Morning America and even hosts $100,000 Pyramid. While Strahan’s career appears to only grow with each passing year, when it comes to her personal life with his ex-wife, it appears trouble is always right around the corner. With the host making $17 million a year for Good Morning America, reports claim the star didn’t pay the parenting coordinator. 

In 1999, Michael Strahan met Jean Muggli at a spa. The same year, the couple married and ended up having twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia. In 2006, the couple decided to end their marriage. Although 16 years ago, both Strahan and Jean continue their heated divorce today. And now with the parenting coordinator not paid, the rumors surrounding the case reunited once again. 

While both Michael Strahan and Jean reached a new custody agreement back in 2020, the parenting coordinator requested to “withdraw from further services” due to “reasonable fees of the parenting coordinator as ordered by this court have not been paid.” According to court papers, The Sun reports, the parenting coordinator fees came to a 90/10 split between Strahan and Jean. The former football player took care of the 90%.

Michael Strahan’s Divorce Continues After 16 Years

With the fees not paid and the coordinator looking to leave, in 2019, Michael Strahan accused his ex-wife of  “engaging in a pattern of conduct designed to increase unnecessarily the involvement of the parenting coordinator and to significantly increase the fees charged by the parenting coordinator.” 

On the other side, Jean Muggli hurled accusations of her own, suggesting Michael Strahan paying a larger percentage made the parenting coordinator biased. When the coordinator offered to split the fees down the middle, Jean quickly refused. 

During the original divorce, the court ordered Michael Strahan to pay $18,000 in monthly child support with another $311,150 in back support. As for Jean, she received $15.3 million from the star. 

Although dealing with a nasty divorce for longer than their marriage, Michael Strahan appears in good spirits, giving fans some advice on when situations don’t work out. He said, “There’s never gonna be a yes for everything. I don’t think anyone is brilliant enough to hear the answer ‘yes’ for every idea or everything that they try.” He added, “But when you do get a lot of no’s, and when you do get maybe one yes, maximize that one yes. Do your best at it because at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself with pride, and [know] that you put everything that you had into the opportunity you were given.”