‘Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts Roasts Co-Hosts Dancing Skills Live on Air

by Megan Molseed
'Good Morning America's Robin Roberts Roasts Co-Hosts Dancing Skills Live on Air

Good Morning America fans were witness to an awkward moment recently when Robin Roberts roasts her morning show cohost for his dancing skills. The comment was made during a live broadcast of the popular ABC morning news TV show. The intention behind the comment appeared to be lighthearted…however, things did get awkward for a bit.

Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts Disses Weatherman Sam Champion’s Dancing Skills During A Live Broadcast

During the Tuesday, August 23 episode of the popular ABC news morning show, Robin Roberts and her cohost Sam Champion began a discussion about former One Direction singer Harry Styles. As the conversation begins, the morning news show personalities discuss how open the Don’t Worry Darling star is open about the need for adequate mental health awareness.

Sam Champion, who has been a fan favorite weatherman on the popular news show compared styles with the iconic Rolling Stones front-runner Mick Jagger. While making this comparison, Champion models some of Jager’s signature dance moves. However, Robin Roberts didn’t pick up on what the famous Weatherman was trying to do as he broke it down in front of the green screen.

Roberts immediately erupts into laughter as Champion continues to dance. The host then adds some chicken noises as Champion continues to show off his moves. It was a moment that – at its surface – appeared to be light-hearted. After all, the two have been working together on the Good Morning America stage for decades now. However, it’s not hard to pinpoint some awkwardness in the Tuesday morning exchange.

Fans Wonder About Tensions On Set After A Clip Of Roberts’ Own Dancing Emerges

One recent exchange has fans wondering if there aren’t tensions already present on the Good Morning America set. When commenting on a throwback 1984 clip of Robin Roberts dancing and singing, George Stephanopolous quips to Roberts “you were young and hungry, uh?”

“I needed the money George,” Robin Roberts responds in the exchange.

“I needed the money,” she quips. Then, Roberts reveals that her cohorts only know about the video because she mentioned it during a commercial break. A statement to which the pair’s other cohost, Laura Spencer responds, “Guess what, you shouldn’t have done that.”

However, Roberts wasn’t likely too embarrassed by this throwback clip as she later shared the hilarious video to her Instagram captioning the post with “Talk about waaaaay back Wednesday.”

“It was 1984,” the longtime Good Morning America host adds. “and yes @gstephanopoulos I was young and hungry!!”

Fans were quick to comment on this blast from the past promo. One warning George that what goes around comes around… “George wait till they find one with you,” the commenter quips.

“Hey,” another commenter says. “we’ve all got to start somewhere and look how far you’ve come.”

“The look on your face is priceless!” another fan exclaims.