‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Calls Getting Mauled By 32 Dogs Filming ‘Barry’ a ‘Cakewalk’

by Emily Morgan

Henry Winkler has come a long way since his days as Fonzie on the classic TV show “Happy Days.” Although it’s been decades since he worked on the sitcom, Winkler still shows us he’s dedicated to his craft— even if that means getting mauled by dogs for the role.

During his time on the HBO series “Barry,” Henry Winkler has been shoved into trunks and, yes, mauled by dogs. He was even chased from a collision at a North Hollywood intersection. And make no mistake, he loves every second of it. During a recent interview with Fox, the TV icon opened up about what a day in his life looks like for the 76-year-old.

Winkler, who made his mark on the industry as Fonzie, has again proved his love for acting, even if it involves getting attacked. In the comedy series, he plays acting teacher Gene Cousineau. The show also co-stars Bill Hader, who plays a Midwestern hitman who gets hired to execute a hit on an actor.

So what was it like getting mauled by so many dogs? According to the legend, it wasn’t so bad.”OK, between you and me? I made friends with each one of those dogs,” he said in the interview.

“I am a dog person, I am not a cat person.” However, according to his account, he “hugged every one of those dogs.”

Additionally, he said that “the costume didn’t survive, but I, as a human, did … There’s a scene that is coming up in the finale. If it is the way I remember doing it, and it shows up like that on screen, it might be one of the most intense scenes I have ever done in my entire career.”

Henry Winkler talks joining TikTok, advice for aspiring actors

According to Henry Winkler, getting mauled by the mutts turned out to be nothing less than a “cakewalk.”

At home, he seems like he’s just as hilarious off the screen as he is on. He recently disclosed that his granddaughter signed the actor up for TikTok.

“During the holidays, we get together as a family. We are now the Winkler Weitzman clan, which is 14 strong, the star said. “So we’re all together. Eating, opening presents. My granddaughter Indya said, ‘Papa, you have to make a TikTok.’ She then curates the music. She then sets up the camera. And now, two years in a row, we have made TikToks together.

In addition, Winkler has made quite a name for himself on the platform. He’s currently sitting at 1.3 million followers, thanks to his granddaughter.

While you might think Winkler gets tired of performing, that isn’t the case. For him, acting has never been a job but a joy. As for what advice he would give an aspiring actor, Winkler says one must have “relaxation” and “concentration,” adding that “those two words will take you further than you can imagine.”