‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Says ‘AGT’ Act’s Jolene-Inspired Performance ‘Blew the Roof Off’ the Theater

by Suzanne Halliburton

Count Henry Winkler as a member of Chapel Hart’s growing fan base after Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

If you didn’t watch the most recent AGT, Chapel Hart is a three-woman country group. They used Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” as an inspiration for an original song called “You Can Have Him, Jolene.” Their performance wowed everyone who watched, from the four judges, to the host, to the audience inside the theater and watching at home.

Henry Winkler only amplified the Chapel Hart buzz. One of the biggest stars of classic TV universe tweeted “These three ladies blew the roof off the theater last night.”

Look closely at the Henry Winkler post. He quote tweeted Dolly, herself, who also watched Chapel Hart. Parton wrote:

“What a fun new take on my song, Chapel Hart. Carl’s birthday is today so I think I’ll hang on to him, and I’m not notifying Jolene that today is his birthday.”

Danica Hart, the group’s lead singer, said the song needed to be changed because after all this time, Jolene can have that cheating man. Meanwhile, Carl is Dolly’s husband Carl Thomas Dean. They got married way back in 1966. And you’d best know that Jolene better not try anything with Carl.

Henry Winkler Offered Priceless Social Media Attention for Chapel Hart

Dolly certainly elevated Chapel Hart’s profile in Nashville. It came hours after the AGT judges, plus host Terry Crews, decided to break the show rules and give the country group a unanimous golden buzzer. That meant Chapel Hart will go straight through to the live shows. The America’s Got Talent winner receives $1 million and the headliner slot on the AGT show in Las Vegas.

But even if the three don’t win the top prize, attention generated by a popular network show is priceless. It gets social media all abuzz. Then stars like Henry Winkler make the spotlight even brighter. Check out the video of their performance and the golden confetti aftermath. Since AGT posted the video, it’s been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Henry Winkler gave big props to Chapel Hart. They’re a country group from Mississippi who received a unanimous golden buzzer from America’s Got Talent. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Henry Winkler does social media the right way. That’s why Fonzie from Happy Days is nearing 1 million followers. He provides some political commentary right alongside his photos of all the trout he caught on a recent fishing trip. Plus, he tweets photos of cute dogs. And, he takes up for his fellow castmates. Earlier this week, he took up for Scott Baio, who had someone make fun of his young daughter.

The Henry Winkler following also loved Chapel Hart. One fan replied: “Thanks for sharing!! They are incredible! Such a fun idea for a song too! Had tears in my eyes from the start! We needed that!” (AGT judge Simon Cowell said the same thing Tuesday night. The group was an instant mood booster).

Another wrote: “They were amazing. And Dolly Parton is just gracious and wonderful, as usual. (All we can say is ditto and ditto)