Henry Winkler Shares Photo From Behind-the-Scenes of First Day Back on Set of ‘Barry’

by Chris Piner

Although the show only has three seasons, HBO’s Barry, created by Bill Hader and Alec Berg, received a mountain of praise for the dark comedy. From the writing and cinematography to the storylines, the cast of Barry continues to prove their talent on screen as the show won 6 Primetime Emmys. And with season 4 already under production, fans wonder where the next season will take both Barry Berkman and his turbulent relationship with Gene Cousineau, played by Henry Winkler. While fans will have to wait, Winkler decided to give them a quick glimpse of what is to come. 

Not giving any spoilers away, the season finale of season 3 left fans broken over the drastic swift between Barry Berkman and Gene Cousineau. With no idea what season four will bring, Winker jumped on Twitter to share a behind the scene photo that included him and star Bill Hader. And no matter what happens, both were all smiles.

Henry Winkler Shares Thoughts On Barry’s Dark Tone

Just last month, Henry Winkler sat down with The Hollywood Reporter with fellow cast member Anthony Carrigan who portrays NoHo Hank. While Barry juggles dark subject matter and the constant twists and turns, the pair believed it to be a comedy at heart. Winkler stated, “It started as a comedy, it’s got comedy at its roots. In the beginning of the season, I’m holding a gun on Barry, I am intent on shooting Barry if he does not turn himself in, and the gun falls apart. So in its guts, it’s a comedy. It just went to the cellar, to a very dark place.” 

Receiving a nomination for best comedy, Anthony Carrigan shared Henry Winkler’s thoughts. “I think in order to retain the nomination for best comedy, I’m legally bound to say yes, it is a comedy. (Laughs.) I mean, it’s really pushing the envelope, I will say that, and I understand people questioning exactly what it is. But it’s just labels, and we’re going to manage to keep things funny. Don’t worry.”

Comparing Barry To Ozark

Henry Winkler embraced the dark subject matter seen in season three. “I would think, ‘Wow, I’m prepared for tomorrow’s work, I’m just going to lay low now, enjoy my puppies, I’m going to talk to the grandchildren.’ And then I would get to the set and [co-creator] Alec [Berg] and Bill would take me, like, to the Ozarks.” He added, “Ozark, that was a great show — it was nice that it was nominated. I worked with Jason [Bateman] when we did Arrested Development, and here he is doing this wonderful work. And Laura Linney was so great.”

While there is still a great deal of time before fans receive season 4, rumors and theories continue to circulate as to how many more seasons Barry might have. Anthony Carrigan noted the constant changes to the scripts. Although the overall story stays the same, some minor changes happen days before the shoots. Still, both Carrigan and Henry Winkler anticipate another hit season for Barry.