‘Home Town’s Ben Napier Calls Wife Erin His ‘Ride or Die’

by Joe Rutland

Home Town star Ben Napier is letting the world know about his love for a new classic truck but also for his wife Erin. The stars of Home Town Takeover are busy getting ready for another season in Colorado. Well, Ben picked up this sweet classic truck and showed it off on his Instagram account. In there, he writes simply three words in the caption: “Ride or die.” As you can tell, there’s a picture of Erin in the truck. Then you can see one of the happy couple in front of it. Ben manages to also post a photo of the license plate. It’s all pretty cool to see and will make those who love classic cars drool a bit, too.

Ben posted the photos on Thursday. They have two daughters, Helen and Mae. Also, in the Instagram caption, there are two hashtags, #hometowntakeover, and #colorfulcolorado. For anyone who has visited the beautiful state, then you know that you are greeted with signs welcoming you to colorful Colorado. Meanwhile, People reported that earlier this week, HGTV informed those who live in Fort Morgan, about an hour outside Denver, of some news. They are getting a full town-wide makeover on Home Town Takeover‘s second season.

Ben Napier of ‘Home Town’ Talks About Differences Between Seasons

Season 1 of the TV show had the Napiers travel to Wetumpka, Alabama for some restoration work. It appears to be what they did in Laurel, Mississippi, their hometown. For Season 2, though, the Napiers are getting some company to help them out. Look for Dave and Jenny Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous to join them. They will help to bring about a big transformation in Fort Morgan. The hope is that the city becomes a place that out-of-towners would want to visit, shop, or sleep overnight.

This new season of the show will start to air on HGTV in 2023. How will this second season be different from the first? In another interview with People, Ben Napier talked about it. “It’s just a really cool town and it’s so much different from Wetumpka and Laurel, but at the same time, it has all of the same problems they had,” Napier said. He would talk about many younger people moving away to live in big-city areas. Also, there are no busy main street areas that can draw tourists to the city.

“The town has a really fascinating history, a really diverse cultural background,” Napier said. “And just like any small town across America, it has these really inherent charms about it. So we want to go and help them tell that story.” Look for this show to highlight new changes in the small town throughout the new season. It’ll be worth watching.