‘Home Town’s Erin Napier Shares Photo of Her Freshman Dorm Room

by Craig Garrett

Home Town‘s Erin Napier got nostalgic about her college days and took to her official Instagram to take a stroll down memory lane. Of course, fans of Home Town know Erin has a special reason to look back fondly on her college days. That’s when she met her husband and Home Town co-host, Ben Napier. The pair met at the University of Mississippi in 2004. They were married in 2008. Erin’s post is a fun throwback full of funny commentary from the reality tv star.

The image is of a modest dorm room. The walls are plastered with movie posters. “My IG feed keeps showing me the young folks’ fancy dorm rooms, Erin Napier wrote. “So I present for your consideration: my sophomore dorm room from the year of our Lord 2004.”

Erin Napier pokes fun at her younger selves’ home decor sensibilities. “Do people still buy movie posters? I bought that paper lantern in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco the summer before freshman year, bedding from Target, rug from Dirt Cheap.” She then gets romantic, thinking of her budding relationship with Ben. “I would lay in that twin bed and talk on the phone to Ben Napier till 4:00 am after he dropped me off for the night. Have fun, you college kids! (see my stories for some easter eggs from this pic).”

The stories portion reveals some candid snapshots of Erin Napier and her future husband, Ben. The college-age Ben sports much less of a beard and an unkempt head of longish hair. There’s even a snapshot of the pair napping on a couch together.

Erin Napier’s post comes on the heels of a big announcement

Ben and Erin Napier will soon be leaping from reality tv to acting. HGTV is looking to expand into scripted tv movies. They enlisted the Home Town stars to be part of one of their upcoming productions. In a holiday film titled A Christmas Open House, the actual husband and wife, who had a second kid last year, will play a similar married people.

Kathleen Finch, the chairman and chief content officer of US Networks Group at Warner Bros. Discovery, was excited to be expanding their content. “The holidays are huge for HGTV and Food Network, which together attracted 90 million seasonal viewers last year,” Finch told Variety. “So we expanded our offerings and produced four scripted holiday features for Discovery+, each showcasing some of the biggest personalities on Food Network and HGTV. We will promote them to approximately 35% of the available cable audience by running spots on HGTV, Food, and the rest of the WBD portfolio of 25+ cable networks, exposing our great talent to even more potential fans.”