‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Shares Photos of Daughters ‘Wild West Adventures’

by Chris Piner

Starting as nothing more than high school sweethearts looking to make it in the world, Ben and Erin Napier celebrated 14 years of marriage. But on top of being married for over a decade, the couple also stars in their own show for HGTV. And if that wasn’t enough for the dynamic duo, they enjoy their days with their two daughters, Mae, who is 14 months, and Helen, who is 5 years old. On Saturday, the couple behind Home Town shared an Instagram post of both their daughters exploring Colorado. 

Posting three different pictures of Mae and Helen, Erin Napier showed the sisters walking hand in hand with matching outfits. That was just the first wardrobe change for the sisters as the other pictures revealed them exploring the Colorado mountains. The collage of photos garnered over 76,000 likes. 

Season Two Of Home Town Takeover

Before Erin Napier shared the bond between the sisters, HGTV revealed that the entire town of Fort Morgan would be receiving an entire makeover thanks to Home Town Takeover. In season two, the town, which is located about an hour away from Denver, will be transformed in hopes of rejuvenating Fort Morgan to becoming a key destination spot for travelers. 

Set to premiere in early 2023, Erin and Ben Napier won’t be alone. Given the size of the transformation, the pair behind Fixer to Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marris, will also appear as new co-hosts. According to an HGTV press release, the goal of season two will be “amplifying the town’s charm and building community pride.” 

Erin Napier Shares Pics Of Daughter Mae

In June, the youngest Napier, Mae, celebrated her first birthday. Erin Napier shared the experience with her fans, writing, “Mae turned one year old a couple weeks ago. She says dada, mama, yaya, mmmm (for milk!), hen (helen!), hey! Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon, her favorite food is banana, when she hugs my neck she sighs ‘ooooh. oooooh,’ she loves to dance, and could walk by herself if she would let go of my one finger she believes keeps her on her size 3 feet.” The mother added, “She is my adventurous one, fearless, climbing and falling, but always ready to get back up and try it again. So thankful for this angel girl’s life.”

The sweet words from Erin Napier were accompanied by a picture of Mae playing in her tent with a xylophone. 

Speaking on the new season of Takeover, Ben Napier explained, “It’s just a really cool town and it’s so much different from Wetumpka and Laurel, but at the same time, it has all of the same problems they had. The town has a really fascinating history, a really diverse cultural background. And just like any small town across America, it has these really inherent charms about it. So we want to go and help them tell that story.”