‘Home Town’s Erin Napier Posts Emotional Message About Her Dad

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, “Home Town” star Erin Napier took to her Instagram to share an emotional message about her father after seeing a snapshot of him in his younger years. 

“My brother sent me this photo of Daddy that was taken some 15 years ago probably,” Erin Napier shared in her social media post. She also stated that her father looks exactly like her brother. “He looks my age.”

Erin Napier then said that she facetimed her father in the morning and they spent the day together. “I’m realizing (especially after reading ‘This Time Tomorrow’ by Emma Straub) how important it is to keep learning about our parents, to keep calling them, inviting them over for breakfast or supper.”

The home renovation TV show star then said she watches her husband Ben’s face when their daughters lean their heads into his shoulders or wrap their little around around his neck. “[I] regret that I didn’t snuggle my dad more when I was little. Maybe I’ll try to start now. I guess it’s never too late?”

Erin Napier’s followers mainly agreed with her. “This is beautiful, it’s fascinating to grow up and think about where our parents were in their journey at our current age…” one follower wrote. 

Another fan of Erin Napier’s commented, “I am 29 and I just lost my beloved daddy a few weeks ago. It’s never too late.”

Erin Napier Opens Up About Her New Children’s Book & HGTV Series 

While speaking to TODAY in May 2022, Erin Napier discussed her new children’s book, “The Lantern House.”

According to its description, Erin Napier’s “The Lantern House” is about a young family that builds a picket fence and plants flowers in their yard. There’s happiness and music for many years. But then, things change. “ But what will happen when its windows grow dark, its paint starts to crumble, and its boards creak in the winter wind? The house dreams of a family who will love it again…and one day, a new story will emerge from within its walls.”

Speaking about the book, Erin Napier told TODAY that she wanted to teach her daughter why she and Ben do what they do. The book also answers the question: why do the “Home Town” stars care so much about restoring old houses?

“The way we all leave a mark on a house and it remains even when we’re gone” is the message of the book. Although she loved writing the book, she did not do the illustrations. “I do a painting of a still life, and I guess that tells a story in one way. But illustration literally tells a story, and it requires a totally different skill set than what I have. That’s what Adam specializes in.”