‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals Adorable Birthday Gift From Husband Ben

by Alex Falls

Star of the hit renovation TV show Home Town, Erin Napier has a birthday coming up soon. She and her husband Ben have never been afraid to use their social media accounts to share their thoughts of love for one another. So when Ben wrote his loving wife a sweet birthday note, she shared it with the rest of the world.

Erin added the caption, “My birthday is coming next week, so it was not on my mind at all when I woke up to this today. I should tell you that Ben isn’t perfect. No one is. But he is completely perfect for me. I had a good cry this morning. Husbands: give your wife time for her birthday.”

Her followers love to see the affectionate side of Ben Napier. They showed their appreciation for his loving nature in the comments and offered some birthday wishes of their own. “A very thoughtful man. A very blessed wife. Happy birthday Erin!” wrote one fan.

Others notice the constant affection that accompanies the Napiers when they’re on screen. “Every time we watched your show, my Mom would say ‘He always has his arm around her. He loves her so much !’ .. Enjoy your Birthday,” another user said.

Another encouraged anyone out there still looking for a mate, look for one that loves like Ben Napier. “Ladies still looking, find you a Ben Napier. Please don’t settle. Find you a man that makes you cry tears of joy and thankfulness. Not heartbreak.”

An Upcoming Project From Ben and Erin Napier

The Napiers keep a busy schedule. One of the many upcoming projects includes their first stab at acting. Ben and Erin Napier will appear in the upcoming Christmas film A Christmas Open House. Ben posted a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the upcoming film.

“Check out the stars of the movie I got to be in!” Ben said in his post. “@thekatiestevens, @erinapier, and @victorrasuk along with the crew all did such an impressive job, I’m happy they put up with me. It was fun pretending to be an actor for a week. If you love Christmas movies, then you’ll love this movie! If you don’t love Christmas movies then we can’t be friends. #buskamove #mapleville”

In the film, Erin and Ben will play a couple named Henry and Sarah Wright. The characters are inspired by their real-life story as they value the tradition of small-town living and specialize in local home restoration, according to a press release from Discovery.

The Napiers will appear alongside star Katie Stevens, who plays Melissa Norwood, “an ambitious Atlanta property stager who teams with her old high school crush, David Phelps (Victor Rasuk), to sell her newly married mom’s home in their small Georgia home town,” the release states. “The two join up to renovate the place before a couple of wealthy potential buyers are due to see the house on Christmas Eve.”

The press release also describes the roles the Napiers will play. “Henry is a master woodworker and custom furniture builder, and Sarah is an artist with an expertise in color and transformative design choices.”