‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Puts Handyman Skills to Use for His Daughters: PHOTO

by Chris Piner

When it comes to HGTV, there is no shortage of couples born to renovate and flip homes. Being the center of remodeling and DIY projects, the network has a sizable list of shows surrounding tips and tricks to make that bland room or broken deck take on a new life. Among their growing shows is Home Town, starring loving couple Ben and Erin Napier and their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. 

Although sharing their love for where they came from, the couple almost moved away from Mississippi as they admitted to looking at places like New York City and Nashville after college. But In the end, Ben Napier said it felt right. “But then, as we were getting closer to graduation, and we knew we were getting married and starting our lives, it just felt right.” 

From DIY To Parents, Ben Napier Explains Life With Two Daughters

Besides renovating homes, Ben and Erin have two children together, Helen Napier, born in 2018, and Mae, born in 2021. With two daughters now in the house, Ben recently posted on Instagram how he spends his days. He remembered his upbringing, writing, “Growing up with 3 brothers and a mechanic for a daddy, we were always building model cars, or making something new out of something old, or something different out of something else, or breaking things so we could try to fix them, or fixing things that someone else had broken.”

But now with two daughters, Ben Napier noted how his talents changed. “No matter how hard I try to indoctrinate my daughters to enjoy working on cars, or riding the tractor, or fishing, or planting in the garden, or building things, the skills I learned from my brothers and daddy are put to work on a daily basis fixing cheap necklaces and broken princess crowns.”

For any parent with a daughter, they understand the importance of DIY knowledge when a necklace or crown breaks. And with Ben Napier proving himself a top-notch dad, it appears there is no project too small for the Home Town star. 

Erin Napier Shares Heartfelt Message About Husband

As for his significant other, Erin, she also threw support to her husband, sharing, “If he’s not scooping me up off the sofa as I’m still recovering from surgery, he’s mixing a bottle or taking Helen swimming. And I have kissed him every time he’s in arm’s reach because I know exactly how lucky we all are. A reminder for those with spouses: tell them often — ‘thank you for everything you do for us.’ and MEAN IT.”

Ben replied, “Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us, lover.”

Home Town finished its mid-season finale for season 6 on April 3rd as the series continues to grow.