‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals Easter Egg in Her Best-Selling Children’s Book

by Leanne Stahulak

“Home Town” star Erin Napier became a New York Times best-selling author a few weeks ago when she released her new children’s book, “The Lantern House.”

The HGTV star turned author published “The Lantern House” in late May. It’s been on the best-sellers list for two weeks, going on three. Erin Napier and her husband Ben are beyond proud of her accomplishment with illustrator Adam Trest. Especially since the duo incorporated so much of their personal lives into the book.

In an earlier interview with PEOPLE about “The Lantern House,” Napier opened up about a hidden Easter Egg that connects to her older daughter. The Napiers have two daughters, Helen, 4, and Mae, 1.

The book follows a house as different families move in and out of it over the years. We see the house contemplating who could potentially move in next, including a trapeze artist.

“The trapeze artist’s house is Helen’s. If she could do anything, this house would look like a circus tent and she would be the star trapeze artist,” Erin Napier explained to PEOPLE.

Adam Trest, the illustrator, also included some personal nods to his family. “The gardener was for Adam and his family,” Napier shared. “We were taking little bits from our own lives and stories about our houses and the previous owners that we had heard in every decision we made with the book and what it would look like.”

“The Lantern House” itself, though, is not based on either Erin Napier or Adam Trest’s own homes.

“The house was not based on any house in particular in Laurel,” Napier revealed. “But Adam was on a road trip through Pennsylvania and saw a house that looked just like the Lantern House. And that was really the basis.”

‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals What Inspired Her to Write ‘The Lantern House’

The inspiration for “The Lantern House” actually came from Erin Napier’s own work on her HGTV show. She thought about how lasting homes could be, even when families move on from them.

“The reality about our houses is, they go on after we’ve left them, and imagine if houses could talk, what would they tell us about the things that they’ve seen. That’s fascinating to me,” Napier said. “Something I think about a lot is that the house I’m sitting in right now will outlive me. Isn’t that crazy?”

It’s crazy and heartwarming and sad to think about. Many readers have already told Napier that “The Lantern House” made was an emotional roller-coaster.

“When people tell me that it made them get emotional, then it feels like it did its job. I think we should be emotional about our houses. They’re more than just buildings,” Napier said.