How ‘Seinfeld’ Star Patrick Warburton Made the Whole Room Laugh During a Table Read

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to iconic Seinfeld characters, one of them at the top of the heap probably is David Puddy, an Elaine boyfriend. Actor Patrick Warburton famously played Puddy during the show’s nine-season run. Sometimes, actors will make others crack up in laughter for different reasons. For Warburton, he left Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, and even reportedly Larry David in stitches. It all happens during a table read for one of Puddy’s most interesting episodes.

In the show’s sixth season, Puddy is featured in an episode titled The Face Painter. He is a fan of the New Jersey Devils hockey team. One time, Puddy happens to get tickets and is ready to rock and roll. Oh yeah, he literally paints his face to look like a devil. The scenes are some of the most memorable ones from the sitcom’s run.

‘Seinfeld’ Writer Carol Leifer Talks About Table Read In Question

A Reddit group shared a video of the table read in question. As you can tell, Richards, who played Cosmo Kraner, and Seinfeld are laughing it up. Why so much? Well, Warburton reportedly just delivers his lines in a dry way for this Seinfeld episode. Also in the video is Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of course, played Elaine Benes.

Meanwhile, according to Looper, Seinfeld writer Carol Leifer was hosting a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) and she answered questions about the show. One fan reportedly asks about the table read for The Face Painter episode. Leifer offers up this reply. “Yes, I was there, and Patrick Warburton did kill at that table read,” Leifer says. “It’s something that I love about doing television, when you read the script aloud and kind of stars are born, you know? Patrick really hadn’t done much before Seinfeld, and when he came on the scene he just killed.”

As this episode ends, we all see Puddy getting Jerry and Kramer into the fan behavior. No, they don’t paint their faces but they all join together with others. In a classic scene, they all lift their shirts (with some other Puddy friends and New Jersey Devils fans) to spell out D-E-V-I-L-S. Another time, we can see David in his full devil face pounding on the glass at ice level. Yet again, Puddy goes out in public with his makeup on and happens to yell at a Catholic priest in the roadway. Warburton has done more in his career beyond Seinfeld, including a turn as a live-action figure in The Tick. Puddy, though, joins the list of iconic boyfriends in the world of Elaine. He’s got his own space reserved for himself, indeed.