How Tim Allen’s Epic ‘Home Improvement’ Crossover on ‘Last Man Standing’ Came Together

by Megan Molseed

The final season of Tim Allen’s latest sitcom TV series Last Man Standing brought some major closure for fans. So much so, that the audience even got a glimpse of what has happened to another one of Allen’s popular characters, Tim Taylor from the hit 1990s series Home Improvement when that popular series came to an end.

Before Last Man Standing, It Was Home Improvement That Officially Made Tim Allen a Household Name

When Home Improvement hit the television airwaves in 1991, it quickly became a primetime favorite. The series stars comedian Tim Allen as Tim Taylor, the host of a fictional home improvement series Tool Time.

Taylor has an assistant Al, who is regularly cleaning up whatever mess the over-competent Tim “the Toolman” Taylor has made. Taylor is also regularly dealing with family events – and some hilarious drama – at home with his wife Patricia Richardson’s Jill and the couple’s three sons.

Of course, this beloved role tossed Tim Allen straight into the limelight, and the comedian went on to star in a series of other roles. Some of these include portraying the big man himself, Santa Claus, in the Santa Clause film franchise.

Last Man Standing Goes Full Meta As Mike Baxter Comes Face-To-Face With Tim “The Toolman” Taylor

More recently, however, Tim Allen returned to the sitcom world starring in the ABC series Last Man Standing for six seasons. The series wrapped up with three more seasons later on after making a move to Fox.

In this series, Allen portrays Mike Baxter, also a family man. Baxter, however, is less focused on tools as Tim Taylor was, and is more focused on the outdoors. Allen’s Mike Baxter works for a sporting goods chain called Outdoor Man. But this doesn’t mean Last Man Standing separated itself from Allen’s original sitcom series. The sitcom went full-on meta during the final season as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor appears in the series. Of course, it’s Allen who portrays both parts.

The ninth season episode of Last Man Standing is hilariously titled Dual Time. In this episode, Mike Baxter’s wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis) makes a call to hire a handyman to fix their garbage disposal. Then, Baxter’s doppelganger, Tim “the Toolman” Taylor shows up. And, fans are delighted as Taylor and Baxter’s conversation reveals how Taylor’s life unfolded after Home Improvement comes to an end. He is now a higher-up working for the Binford Tool brand. A job that brought him out to Baxter’s neighborhood in Denver.

And, of course, Taylor’s propensity for overdoing his projects has not changed one bit. He gives the Baxter’s garbage disposal too much power, breaking it even further.