Howie Mandel Reveals He’s Returning To ‘America’s Got Talent’ Tonight

by Leanne Stahulak

“America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel returns to the show in tonight’s episode, after mysteriously missing out on last week’s.

These audition rounds are filmed months in advance. And Mandel hasn’t posted anything to say why he missed the filming of last week’s episode. But the “America’s Got Talent” judge also missed an episode earlier this season, which he did say was due to illness. Perhaps Mandel was still sick when they filmed last week’s episode.

Either way, the judge confirmed on Twitter earlier today that he will return tonight. The NBC TV show resumes auditions for at least another week, and Mandel will join Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum behind the podium.

In his post, Mandel shared a video using an audio track from TikTok, which features Lil Nas X’s hit song, “Industry Baby.” When the beat drops, Mandel walks through an open door into the theater with arms wide, grinning as lights shine on him. See the video for yourself below.

Many “America’s Got Talent” fans soon took to the comments to say how excited they were to see Mandel on screen again.

“Yay glad to have you back,” one fan commented. “WE CAN’T WAIT,” another person said. “Good to see that grin!” someone else wrote.

Hopefully, the judges and acts are just as excited to see Mandel again as the fans are.

Here’s What We Know About Tonight’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Episode

“America’s Got Talent” likes to get fans excited about the show before it premieres on Tuesday nights. They foster this excitement by posting sneak peek clips of various auditions ahead of time. These auditions usually blow fans’ minds away, whether the act is a singer or dancing troupe or magician or something totally original.

One of the acts that they previewed was of two brothers from Albania, Martin and Arnold. The two performed an awe-inspiring act of strength and athleticism, featuring one brother balancing on the other’s back on a rollerball. Then, the brothers upped the stakes by balancing on one’s head. Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum leaped out of their seats as soon as the act finished to a round of applause.

Fans also caught a glimpse of singer and songwriter Amanda Mammana, who struggles with a speech impediment. As she told the judges, she tends to stutter less when she’s singing, which inspired her to perform an original song for her audition. Everyone in that audience felt moved into only by Amanda’s story but by her beautiful voice as well.

Another singer who moved the judges was Wyn Starks, a singer who caused Sofia Vergara to tear up with his emotional original song about his late twin brother. Check out Wyn’s audition below, and catch it on “America’s Got Talent” tonight.