‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Lisa Kelly Speaks Out About Show’s Possible Return After ‘Hiatus’

by Craig Garrett

There hasn’t been a new episode of Ice Road Truckers since 2017, but cast member Lisa Kelly is teasing a series revival. Kelly joined the reality TV show in season 3 back in 2009. Ice Road Truckers gave its viewers an intimate look into a profession that is not often talked about. Not only did the show provide insights into ice road trucking, but it also allowed viewers to get to know the recurring cast members over time and watch as their personalities unfolded.

Lisa Kelly appeared in eight seasons of the show. No one shined brighter than Kelly on Ice Road Truckers. She was even named “the sexiest trucker alive” by the men’s magazine Esquire. She also was a cast member of the spinoff, Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads.

Kelly’s most recent episode was on Season 11 in 2017, which is also the show’s last. However, the series’ cancellation was never made official by the History channel. To fans, this made it seem like the network was leaving the door open for more seasons. The topic of the series return was brought up by Kelly in an interview discussing her profession.

Lisa Kelly hints at more seasons of Ice Road Truckers

In a 2021 video interview with the trucking publication Overdrive, Lisa Kelly was asked if she had any additional comments about anything that they hadn’t already covered. She took it as an opportunity to drum up interest for a series revival. “The show’s been on hiatus for a while, and I wish it would come back. I know there’s been talk of it, but I feel like this whole COVID thing kind of put a stop on everything,” Kelly explained. “So, I don’t know. That’s kind of the whole change thing going on. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Lisa Kelly was asked about how the trucking industry in Alaska was impacted by COVID-19. Kelly said that the total amount of work decreased a lot because oil and gas prices increased, which might explain more why the pandemic wouldn’t allow Ice Road Truckers to come back just yet.

Kelly now works for a different logistics company, but she still makes the 1,500-mile journey from Kenai to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. This is a 32-hour trip with no delays. Ice truckers have to make this drive alone, usually in large semis. They’ll stop and sleep in their cabins on these work trips. Some choose to have partners that drive with them and others don’t. The truckers provide an important service to the huge oil and gas industries that support Alaska’s economy.

The reality star took a self-imposed hiatus from Ice Road Truckers while the show was running. Season 6 saw Lisa Kelly missing from the series. The trucker was fatigued by the constant filming of their everyday lives and job. The star was able to regain her footing before returning in the following season, thanks to this short sabbatical.