Iconic Betty White Moment Honored by Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon on ‘Password’ Reboot

by Megan Molseed

The iconic classic TV game show Password is back. And, what better way to kick off this revival than with a sweet moment of tribute to the one and only Betty White, who was a regular on the original run of the popular game show in the 1960s? She was a natural, of course. Especially as her husband, Allen Ludden hosted the quiz show for the first few decades!

Now, as we get a sneak peek of the upcoming Password revival, two of the stars guesting on the game show, Jimmy Fallon and actor Jon Hamm take a moment to remember the iconic actress and former Password mainstay with a sweet tribute.

“Obviously this is a legendary game, Password,” notes Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon during the game show’s initial introductions.

“And the great Allen Ludden, Betty White,” Fallon continues. “Betty, this is for you.”

A Touching Tribute And A Solid Way To Stall For Some Valuable Extra Seconds!

During the introduction, the Tonight Show host recalls the time he and his fellow Password revival player, Top Gun: Maverick star Jon Hamm worked on a sketch with the former Golden Girl. Of course, Jon Hamm can’t help but tease Fallon during this moment. Joking that the Password player is stalling for time by telling this story.

“This is what is called in show business ‘stalling for time,'” the Mad Men star teases as Fallon speaks of Betty White. After quite a bit of laughter, both actors fondly remember the TV sketch they did with Betty White. And it’s clearly a moment that left an impression on both of them.

However, when it’s eventually Jon Hamm’s turn to give the clue, he jokes that it’s now his turn to stall for time, telling another story about White. The hilarious moment does lead to one memory, though, as Hamm remembers how Betty White caught him during a quick change after the sketch mentioned earlier in this Password intro.

“Right after we did the sketch,” Jon Hamm relates, “I had a quick change and Betty White saw me in my underpants.” However, the actor hilariously recalls that Betty White wasn’t too worried – and she “did not look away,” Hamm jokes.

The Latest Password Revival Hosted By Keke Palmer Premieres On NBC

This latest revival of the iconic game show features Keke Palmer as the energetic host. The premiere kicks off with a two-night game show event the first airing on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 10 p.m. And the other is on Wednesday, Aug. 10 at 9 p.m. on NBC.