The Iconic ‘Full House’ Home Was Listed on Zillow for $37M, But There’s a Catch

by Emily Morgan

If you found yourself browsing Zillow, you may have seen something familiar. As it turns out, the Tanner’s former home from the iconic TV series, “Full House” was recently listed.

However, some things about the listing seemed fishy upon further investigation. First, someone listed the San Francisco home on Zillow for nearly seven times the amount it last sold for. They listed it at a whopping $37 million. 

Second, the post was missing some crucial details. For instance, it failed to mention its relevance in TV history. Moreso, it completed ignored Bob Saget’s passing, which caused many fans to visit the home. In addition, the creators of the post messed up royally when they listed the wrong year constructors built the house— by over 100 years.

Finally, the phone number attached to the posting was disconnected. On Wednesday, a Zillow spokesperson confirmed that the listing was fraudulent, and the website proceeded to take the post down. 

“Our teams use a number of different tools to prevent inappropriate content from publishing in the first place. But if a listing is found to be fraudulent after it’s posted, our team takes steps to remove it,” a Zillow spokesperson said in a statement. “In this case, we discovered a ‘For Sale By Owner’ listing was illegitimate after it was posted, and have since taken it down. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

Who actually owned the home from ‘Full House’?

The home last sold in October 2020 for $5.3 million — obviously substantially less than the current listing. Before it sold, “Full House” creator Jeff Franklin owned the 5-bedroom home. He intended to renovate the interior to match the original “Full House” set. However, irritated neighbors wouldn’t allow the renovation. According to Zillow, its current estimated value is $6.5 million. 

If you’re feeling lost out there knowing your dreams of owning the “Full House” won’t come true, you probably aren’t alone.

As it turns out, production filmed “Full House’s” interior scenes typically on soundstages in Los Angeles. Production filmed in San Francisco for exterior shots, like the opening credits sequence. Yet, filming typically occurred in Los Angeles.

However, there is one exception in an episode from season 8, episode 1, in “Comet’s Excellent Adventure.”

The episode’s plot follows Comet, the family’s loveable golden retriever, adopted in season 3. When Uncle Jesse allows Michelle to take Comet for a walk, things take a wrong turn. Comet ends up running off, and the entire Tanner family has to try and find him. As a result, viewers see scenes shot on-location all over San Francisco. 

While “Comet’s Excellent Adventure” may not be the most memorable episode, it’s still an exciting piece of the show’s history.