Jack Osbourne Freaks Out in New Preview of ‘Night of Terror’

by Samantha Whidden

With Halloween just around the corner, Jack Osbourne is participating in some pretty out-of-this-world stuff in Night of Terror. 

According to E! News, the son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne returns to the Night of Terror special on Discovery+. He then has a shocking surprise while UFO hunting. “Someone’s walking over there,” Jack Osbourne says while holding binoculars and a laser pointer. He notes the whole thing is starting to freak him out. “Who’s over there? What is that?” 

While the producer is speech, there was only a small response to Jack Osbourne’s answer, “Uhhh…” and Osbourne declared that the thing was running. “Now they’re running. Holy s— dude, he just walked over the ridge.” 

Obviously, this made Jack Osbourne visibly nervous and of course, he starts swearing. “No, he just f—ing turned. And he just f—ing running. That was f—ing weird. We need to go find whoever the f— that is.” 

Osbourne previously appeared in Night of Terror: Bigfoot. He was seen with his friend Jason Mewes taking a hike in the woods of Priest Lake as they searched for the not-sure-it-exists creature. Mewes is returning for the UFO search, along with Jamie Kennedy. All three are heading to the Utah Uinta Basin.

The special’s description reads, “Utah’s Uinta Basin has been shrouded in mysteries for centuries, with stories of otherworldly visitors dating back to ancient times. In recent years, even stranger sightings have been reported and captured. Osbourne, Mewes, and Kennedy embark on an unflinching investigation to figure out if these phenomena are connected and why this strange activity is concentrated in the Uinta Basin.”

The Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs special will premiere on September 3rd through Discovery+. It is being produced by Osbourne Media. 

Jack Osbourne Claims He Saw a ‘Skinwalker’ While Searching For UFOs

Also in the Night of Terror special preview, Jack Osbourne shared how he thinks he actually saw a “skinwalker” while searching for aliens. “I swear to God, I f—ing saw a skinwalker,” Osbourne claimed. “And we got it on f—ing tape, dude!” 

Jack Osbourne also stated that he has been obsessed with the “concept” of whether or not we are alone in the universe. “The Uinta Basin has fascinated me for years – it’s a mecca for alien and supernatural activity. People are drawn here for specific things, but when you come here looking for it, you often find something you’re not looking for. I’ve never been to any place like this. It’s its own realm.” 

Jack Osbourne and his friends began to notice some weird things happening during their second night of investigation. That was when they saw “powerful lightning” ripping through the basin. “It’s like something doesn’t want us here,” Osbourne added.