‘Jackass’ Star Attacked by Shark While Attempting ‘Happy Days’ Stunt for Shark Week

by Samantha Whidden

“Jackass” star Sean McInerey, aka Poopies was bit in the hand by a reef shark while filming a “Happy Days” stunt for Shark Week. This is reportedly the second time in a row that the stuntman was bitten by a shark. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, the “Jackass” castmate was bit while attempting to recreate the “Happy Days” stunt known as the “jumping the shark.” Poopies’ first shark bite occurred while filming a promo with the “Jackass” crew. He ended up having to undergo eight months of physical therapy after the incident. He is notably still unable to make a fist. The stuntman stated he thought he was going to die after the bite occurred. 

During the stunt this time around, “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville told the media outlet that extra precautions were taken in order to avoid the same incident from happening. However, Poopies ended up getting bit by a shark while attempting to do the “jumping the shark” stunt for the second time. “Those sharks were just doing their thing,” fellow “Jackass” member Steve-O recalled. “The sharks were not responsible.”

A shark expert also stated that a lot of people do crazy things like the “Jackass” stunt and they don’t think about any consequences. “If you push the limits with nature sometimes nature pushes back. At the end of the day, I think it’s really important for the world to see that they are wild animals and we need to respect them.”

‘Jackass’ Star Poopies Get Bit in the Hand By a Shark While Taping 

Meanwhile, the whole ordeal between “Jackass” star Poopies and a reef shark was caught on film. The stuntman went into the water for the stunt, while being surrounded by 14 reef sharks. 

“It’s just a perfect mix, if you have reef sharks, speed, and Poopies you’re going to get footage. So, good luck,” Johnny Knoxville stated about his “Jackass” castmate’s stunt. “I’m Poopies. I got a wakeboard and I got a full-size tuna. This is ride or die,” the “Jackass” star declared on camera. 

As Poopies began the stunt, the camera is catching the sharks being attracted to the “bait” that the “Jackass” cast member has. “What a great day for science,” one of the crew members declared. “Nature chose us as her mouthpiece.”

“Dude I felt the shark take the fish from me,” Poopies declared. “I saw him behind me and I was freaking out. And then I felt them fight the fish it was so sick. How’d it look down there, scientist?”

The sharks were notably going 22 miles an hour while Poopies was on the wakeboard. This was notably 11 times faster than the average human can swim. However, as Poopies attempts to do the “jump the shark” stunt, a shark swam up and bit him.