‘Jackass’ Star Sean McInerney’s Tearful Return to ‘Shark Week’: ‘I Thought I Was Gonna Die’

by Alex Falls

The Jackass crew is hard at work creating more content for their legions of fans. They’re out at sea taking part in Discovery Channel’s ever-popular Shark Week. The annual week-long celebration of the ocean’s most feared creatures brings hours of thrilling TV. People still fear sharks for their hunting abilities, but the Jackass crew knows how to face their fears head-on.

One of the newest members of Jackass, Sean McInerney aka Poopies, takes the brunt of the punishment now that the aging stars have taken more of a backseat. Last year during their first Jackass Shark Week special, Poopies faced a terrifying situation when his hand was bitten by a reef shark.

A year after the incident, Poopies and his Jackass cohorts are back at sea for another Shark Week special. This time, Poopies had to face his fears with the memory of last year’s incident still fresh in his mind. In a piece for Yahoo, Poopies reflected on the incident.

“I thought I was gonna die in front of my friends,” McInerney said while fighting back tears. “Um, that’s pretty heavy. But I’m here.”

The Jackass star said he’s always loved the water. Even though the shark attack left him feeling fearful, he wanted to come back. “It’s really important for me to get over that fear, ’cause I don’t want that accident to stop me from doing what I love,” Poopies said. “I love the ocean, and I love surfing. I’m never gonna stop.”

Redemption for the Jackass Member

Last year’s Shark Week special had Poopies recreate the famous shark jumping scene from the iconic TV series Happy Days. It didn’t work out for Poopies as well as it did for the Fonze though when one of the sharks bit back at the Jackass stuntman.

This year though, Poopies swam with the majestic creatures again.

“Holy moly, I did it,” exclaimed McInerney, as he surfaced from his dive. “You definitely have to have respect for those sharks. I feel a lot better, I don’t have fear of dying when I’m next to sharks anymore… now I can go surf and water ski big waves!”

The Jackass crew members need thick skin to face the terrifying stunts. With Poopies overcoming his injury and getting back into the water a year later, he’s proven he has what it takes to be a Jackass. Johnny Knoxville himself spoke about his successor’s dedication and ability to create great footage.

“It’s just a perfect mix, if you have reef sharks, speed, and Poopies you’re going to get footage. So, good luck,” Johnny Knoxville stated about his castmate’s stunt. 

The Jackass team is still fresh off the success of their latest movie, Jackass Forever. Jackass Shark Week Vol. 2 is streaming now on Discovery+ and can be seen with all of the other Shark Week content on Discovery Channel.