Jennifer Garner Reveals Heartbreaking Stories From Families Affected by Kentucky Floods on the ‘TODAY Show’

by Blake Ells

Jennifer Garner grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, which isn’t far from the site of the devastating Kentucky flood. The actress returned to her home to aid families affected by the tragedy, and she joined the TODAY Show to share what she saw. Garner is a trustee for a non-profit in the area called Save the Children. The organization is leading efforts to assist families in the community. Check out a clip below.

“At least 37 people died following the devastating floods in Kentucky. Actress Jennifer Garner and Cynthia McFadden join us on the ground to share the stories of the struggles people are facing,” the TODAY Show captioned the clip.

The clip begins with horrific footage of communities completely underwater. The team joins Garner and McFadden to learn more about the Kentucky flood.

Garner and McFadden tour a local school. Mud and heavy waters from the Kentucky flood fill the school. They visit the school’s library and the devastation overwhelms Garner.

“My little elementary school library totally shaped my life,” she says. “I wanted to be a school librarian; I wanted to work in a space just like this.”

The school was home to 260 elementary schoolchildren. Garner shared more about her connection to the area.

“I grew up in a middle-class family,” she said. “My mom had grown up very, very poor. My dad had grown up poor and the fact that the two of them were able to go to college was so life-changing. So when I was in a position to be invited into people’s homes, it was rural America that pulled me to this.”

She says that she does the work to honor her parents. She says that she has “incredible parents.”

Local Celebrities Rush to Help Victims of the Kentucky Flood

Save the Children built the library in the elementary school. It also provided a bus for children at the school that was originally designed to visit children to teach remotely. When the pandemic hit, it became a vehicle for providing food support.

“It went from Rosie the Reading Bus to Rosie the Feeding Bus,” Jennifer Garner says.

During the Kentucky flood recovery, the bus is taking supplies to rural areas to assist.

Jennifer Garner isn’t the only famous native of the area that is lending a hand. Tyler Childers got his hands dirty helping people back home. So did Chris Stapleton. Stapleton was spotted at an area Wal-Mart shopping for supplies. He almost went completely unnoticed. He’s a native of nearby Johnson County, and like Childers, he remains fiercely loyal to the people of his home state.

Recovery efforts are ongoing and there is no end to the damage done. Several people are still missing.