‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Spinoff Coming to ABC, Network Reveals Host

by Caitlin Berard

Get excited Jeopardy! fans, because a brand new spinoff is on the way. The series, entitled Celebrity Jeopardy!, is described as “an all-new game show” that “welcomes celebrity contestants to compete for a chance to win money for a charity of their choice,” and is expected to air later this year.

The news of the upcoming spinoff came with ABC’s reveal of their 2022-2023 schedule on Tuesday. As such, we even have a day and time for the episodes: Sundays at 8 p.m. That, however, is where the concrete facts about Celebrity Jeopardy! come to an end.

The Celebrity Jeopardy announcement came with the small yet maddening detail: “A host will be announced at a later date”. After all, Mayim Bialik is the official host of primetime Jeopardy! specials, which would make her the obvious choice for Celebrity Jeopardy host, right?

When asked about why Mayim Bialik’s name was excluded from the announcement, ABC chief Craig Erwich was noncommittal, much to the chagrin of Jeopardy! fans. “It’s really just about the details of the announcement,” Erwich told Variety. “And we just are not ready yet, but we will be soon. I wouldn’t read anything into it.”

That said, when pressed on the matter, the ABC chief was slightly more straightforward. When asked if fans should not assume that the announcement meant Mayim Bialik would not be the new host, Erwich replied simply, “Correct.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Want Ken Jennings to Become Permanent Host

If we are correct to assume that Mayim Bialik will be the host of the upcoming series Celebrity Jeopardy!, this could prove an ideal scenario for Jeopardy! fans. Though Mayim Bialik has her supporters, the majority of Jeopardy! fans have made it clear that they would prefer to see Ken Jennings behind the host’s lectern.

Should Mayim Bialik become the permanent host of Celebrity Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings could stay on with the flagship show, filling the opening left by Alex Trebek at last.

Many past Jeopardy! contestants also agree that Ken Jennings is the superior host. Amy Schneider, who won a record 40-straight games earlier this year, told CNN that Jennings did a “really great job” while she was on the game show. “Ken Jennings should be the host,” Schneider said. “I really can’t say enough about him.”

“I didn’t necessarily think that before going into this because, yes, he was a great champion, but this is a different skill set,” she continued. “But you could see the work that he put into it, and I just thought he did a really great job. So, as far as I’m concerned, that’s my endorsement.”

Mattea Roach, the most recent Jeopardy! superchamp, gave Ken Jennings her vote as well. “I would say, Ken,” Mattea told Vulture. “Because of his history with the show. As a contestant, there’s something really special about being onstage with the greatest player of all time. Someone who understands in a very visceral way what it’s like to be in your position. Mayim is fantastic, but she doesn’t have that same experience.”