Did ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Just Discover Major Ken Jennings Announcement?

by Megan Molseed

Phrasing things just right is oftentimes incredibly important. Especially when teasing an upcoming on a popular TV game show while eagle-eyed Jeopardy! fans watching!

Recently, Jeopardy! fans took to Reddit to discuss a clue they may have discovered, hinting that Ken Jennings will soon become the full-time host of the popular game show. The thread begins with a comment noting that “somebody” on Twitter noticed a key detail in how the Jeopardy! GOAT was billed in a recent press release.

Did One Promo Hint Towards A Big Announcement Regarding Ken Jennings’ Future Role On The Long-Running Game Show?

The 48-year-old champion is slated to compete with contestants in the upcoming season of $100,000 Pyramind. Fans of Jennings are certainly ready to tune in with this exciting news. However, there’s a little note tied in with the promo that has fans talking.

“Somebody [on] Twitter noticed a detail,” notes a recent Reddit post.

“about how Ken is billed in the press release for the upcoming season of Pyramid,” the commenter adds, noting that when Ken Jennings is billed in the release, he is listed as “Ken Jennings host Jeopardy”. Is this, like the Redditor suggests, a glimpse into the future for Jennings?

Ken Jennings Has Been Sharing Jeopardy! Hosting Duties With Fellow Co-Host Mayim Bialik

It’s definitely an interesting thing, looking into how Jennings is billed in the upcoming Pyramid episode. However, some fans are quick to note that it’s probably best not to read too much into it all. Some fans, in fact, say they are most excited for the upcoming battle itself…pitting Ross Matthews against Jennings on Pyramid.

“Everyone else can read into the hosting tea leaves,” one Redditor responds in the thread.

“I’m just here for the Ross Matthews/Ken Pyramid battle,” the game show fan continues. “Ross is a damn good word-based game show contestant, and Ken should hold [his] own as well. Should be fun”

Another Redditor points out that this could simply be a case of poor wording. After all, Jennings is a host of the long-running answer-question quiz show.

“The “now hosting” vs. “the host” introductions are so awful,” the Jeopardy! fan notes.

“Mayim isn’t THE host of Jeopardy! [any more] than Ken is,” the Reddit comment adds.

“Currently his only job is to host [Jeopardy!],” another Redditor points out in the thread.

“I heard he’s no longer on his other game shows,” the commenter adds. “They could label him [Jeopardy!] Contestant or something but he does share duties so this fits.”

Of course, some other Jeopardy! fans are just excited at the possibility that Jennings could finally be named the official host of the popular game show. The very show that shot the champion straight into stardom.

“Please oh please oh please oh please,” one Redditor quips at the idea Jennings could become the final fixture at the Jeopardy! host podium.