Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Blasts Mayim Bialik for What She’s ‘Been Allowed to Get Away With’ on Show

by Emily Morgan

Mayim Bialik is once again under fire for her performance as a host on “Jeopardy!” This time, she’s facing criticism from former “Jeopardy!” champ Josh Hill. He’s now blasting the show for allowing Bialik to “get away with” making mistakes.

Recently, “The Big Bang Theory” actress has been under fire for often making the same mistakes on the classic trivia show. Once again, viewers criticized Bialik for her improper hosting etiquette during this week’s episodes. As a result, Hill slammed the TV show for allowing her to continue making the same mistakes.

During Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, the host accepted semi-correct answers from contestants. Afterward, Hill insisted that Ken Jennings wouldn’t have made the same mistakes.

He wrote via Twitter: “Ken would have prompted. #HireBuzzy [Cohen] would have prompted.” He added: “A middle-school quizbowler hosting a kids version of the show would have prompted. The things the current host has been allowed to get away with are astonishing.”

He continued: “Alex would have prompted – in fact, Alex DID prompt on this.”

In 2018, Hill won over $150k on the popular game show after winning seven games. He later returned to the show to compete in 2019’s Tournament of Champions.

Hill’s criticism came in response to Bialik making the same blunders two days in a row this week.

Mayim Bialik faces criticism once again for accepting partially-correct answer on ‘Jeopardy!’

During the Fourth of July broadcast, a contestant was given the clue: “A memorable 2018 photo showed this president’s flag-draped casket, with his service dog Sully beside it.” They answered with: “Who is Bush?” The neurosurgeon host replied: “Yes, George H. W. Bush.”

As US history buffs will know, only George H. W. Bush has passed away, and his son, George W. Bush, is still very much alive. However, viewers were upset that Mayim didn’t ask the contestant to be more specific in their answer.

Previously, contestants have often incorrectly guessed that various people of interest died while they were still alive. However, viewers also said that could’ve been the case this time.

If there are multiple possible responses with the same partially correct answer, fans think Bialik should’ve asked for a more detailed reply.

One irritated fan tweeted: “‘Who is Bush?’ is a textbook example of a ‘Be more specific’ contestant response.”

Another argued: “To be clear, a proper host would’ve required more information specify which bush she was referring to.. #Jeopardy – real fans know that.”

During Tuesday’s show, she read the clue: “Celebrity ‘Jeopardy!’ pitted Lloyd Bridges III (aka Beau) against Coy Perry III (aka Luke), Dylan McKay on this Fox drama.” Reigning champ Yungsheng answered with, “What is 90210?”

Per usual, Bialik accepted that response. However, he didn’t give the full title. She even added it in for him, replying with: “Yes, Beverly Hills, 90210.”