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Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Absolutely Roasts Show for One Major Reason

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Three-time Jeopardy! champ Yogesh Raut is in the midst of a “weeks-long” rant against the gameshow for various reasons. Most notably, he thinks the whole setup is a farce.

Raut only just recently earned trivia fame when he went on his short, victorious stint beginning Jan. 11. Despite winning a total of $96,403 and likely drawing thousands of people to his blog and podcast, he’s apparently furious that the long-running series is taken so seriously, and he claims that it is “fundamentally incompatible with true social justice.”

His comments gained extra eyes when former Deadspin editor-in-chief Megan Greenwell shared one of his first posts on her Twitter account and poked fun at his words.

“I don’t watch Jeopardy,” she wrote. “But I am extremely invested in the guy who won three times but was apparently bad on the buzzer, then began a multi-week Facebook meltdown about how Jeopardy is not the REAL quizzing world and compared himself to Muhammad Ali.”

The Champion Believes People Need to ‘Stop Pretending that Jeopardy is Important’

Raut did not actually compare himself to Ali. But he did praise the boxer for being a powerful nonwhite who stood against the system. Everything else Greenwell wrote is mostly on par with what the trivia master has said.

While Raut’s pre-tapped episodes were still airing on Jan. 12, he wrote on Facebook that he had fun on the quiz show. But it is a joke next to other competitions in the genre.

“There never has been, and never will be, any justification for treating Jeopardy! as the Olympics of quizzing,” he said. “Would the Olympics only allow Victoria Groce and Patrick Friel to compete one time, long before they were at their peak, or refuse to let myself or [REDACTED] compete until we had nearly aged out of our physical and mental prime no matter how much we proved ourselves?”

Jeopardy! is not the problem; its centrality to American society is,” he continued. “There will never be a healthy quizzing culture in this country until we learn to stop pretending that Jeopardy! is important.”

On Jan. 14, Raut wrote that Jeopardy! does not showcase true talent, and his trio of wins do not and will “never top” his list of “quizzing accomplishments.”

Four days later, he added that the trivia world “has a hideous gossip problem.” He then went on a long-winded tirade giving examples of that problem.

Yogesh Raut also noted in his long pennings that he had become the victim of racism and trolling following his run on the ABC series. And he suggested that the show itself was somewhat responsible for that problem.

NBC reached out to a Jeopardy! spokeswoman about the matter on Monday, but she refused to comment.