Here’s When ‘Jeopardy!’ Is Bringing Back Ken Jennings as Host

by Alex Falls

Since the passing of longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, the show has seen a revolving door of hosts to fill the gap. Most recently Mayim Bialik has been featured. She trades the hosting duties with former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. But fans have been wondering, when will Jennings return to the host’s podium?

According to Suggest, Jennings is set to return next week. Starting Monday, July 18th, Jennings will return to host for the final two weeks of season 38. The season will conclude on July 29th. At which point fans will have to wait until September for the next round of episodes.

Finding a New Jeopardy! Host

The show’s hosting duties have been a hot debate among viewers since Trebek’s passing in 2020. Season 38 was originally set to be hosted by producer Mike Richards. However, after allegations of toxic behavior and sexist comments he made on a podcast came to light, Jeopardy! producers quickly reversed course and announced Jennings and Bialik would trade the honor of hosting.

The two-host system has lasted the entire season, but viewers are hoping next year will bring a full-time replacement. Jeopardy! producers have noted they’re hoping to announce a final decision before the premiere of season 39 and ahead of the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

Once this season concludes, Bialik and Jennings will be tied with 110 games hosted each. Jennings appears to be the favorite to take over permanently. He’s already confirmed he’ll return in some capacity for the next season. He also appeared at the Daytime Emmy Awards to accept the show’s win for Best Game Show. Meanwhile, Bialik was not present at the ceremony.

Who Do the Fans Prefer?

Bialik has come under fire from viewers for her hosting style. Some fans have complained she has a habit of cutting off contestants while the timer is still running. One such instance nearly cost a contestant $4,000.

Viewers quickly reacted harshly to the incident. “Response time was all over the place today. Two seconds, maybe seven, who knows,” one fan complained on Twitter. “Mayim hesitates on obvious correct answers, then jumps all over Andy before she even can finish her answer. Glad the judges did the right thing. Now it’s time for the EP to do the right thing and get Ken back,” added another.

Some Jeopardy! viewers do prefer Bialik over Jennings. Her fans have voiced growing tired of hearing nit-picky complaints about her hosting. Bialik is fully aware of the criticism and recently noted how insulting it can be to hear some of the viewers’ opinions. Fans will no doubt continue to debate back and forth about which host they prefer. But hopefully, in just a few months’ time, we’ll have a final answer about who will be the new permanent host of Jeopardy!.