How ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Eric Ahasic Punched His Ticket to the Tournament of Champions

by Leanne Stahulak

Current “Jeopardy!” champ Eric Ahasic has not only started an impressive five-day streak on the game show. He’s also become eligible for the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

Most contestants must win four or five consecutive games on “Jeopardy!” to become eligible for the ToC. Per the ToC tracker, Ahasic will have a better chance of being selected for the tournament if he wins more games and more money in the next few matches.

Some champions from this season, like Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, Mattea Roach, and Ryan Long, have solidified their spots in the tournament. They’ve all broken tremendous records this year, with 40 consecutive wins for Schneider, 38 for Amodio, 23 for Roach, and 16 for Long.

Others, like Professors Tournament winner Sam Buttrey and College Championship winner Jaskaran Singh, also boast guaranteed spots. But the rest of those positions remain open. Ahasic must battle previous “Jeopardy!” champs like 7-day winners Courtney Shah and Brian Chang. And 6-day winner Zach Newkirk. Not to mention fellow five-day winners Andrew He and Tyler Rhode. And let’s not forget 11-day champ Jonathan Fisher, who unseated Amodio last fall.

When season 38 comes to an end, “Jeopardy!” showrunners will select the best of the best from the eligible roster of champions. And then we’ll get to witness one of the greatest trivia showdowns in game show history.

How Did 5-Day ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Eric Ahasic Come So Far?

According to local Minnesota news outlet The Pioneer Press, meteorologist Eric Ahasic earned his fifth “Jeopardy!” win on Friday, June 10. That brought his total winnings to $133,801.

Part of the reason Ahasic’s done so well and cashed in so many winnings is because of his incredible ability to sniff out Daily Doubles. And to answer them correctly. Out of the five games Ahasic has played so far, he’s found 13 out of the 15 available Daily Doubles. And he’s gotten 11 out of those 13 right for an 85% correctness rate.

Daily Doubles represent a huge opportunity to double your winnings early in the game. So Ahasic’s success with them explains why four out of the five games he’s won have been runaway matches. No contestant can catch up with him when he’s made it that far ahead. Unless Ahasic makes a risky wager, which doesn’t seem like his style.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video with “Jeopardy!” producers, Ahasic opened up about his strategy with Daily Doubles.

“Daily Doubles are so random but they’re such an integral part of the game. If there’s one that’s in a category you like, you could really do some damage right there,” Ahasic explained.

But he does acknowledge the risk you take when you wager big. “That’s the thing, not [only do you] have to find them, you’ve got to get them right. There were I think one or two [Daily Doubles] where I bet big and got them wrong. But it’s going to happen. There’s so many ups and downs in the game of Jeopardy! You’ve just got to stay with it.”