‘Jeopardy!’ Alum Shocks Fans With ‘Salty’ Response to Recent Champions

by Leanne Stahulak

This season of “Jeopardy!” has certainly been unprecedented, given the astonishing number of super champions and record-breakers.

And while most “Jeoaprdy!” fans are excited to see these incredible runs, not everyone seems to feel that way. One alum, who set some key records back in 2019, recently shaded the new run of super champions, per The Sun.

Earlier this week, “Jeoaprdy!” sent out a tweet celebrating 6-day champion Megan Wachspress. With her sixth win, she solidifed a spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. James Holzhauer, who held a number of records until this season, quote tweeted the post and shared what some fans deemed a “salty” comment.

The original message read, “Make way for Megan! She’s on her way to the [Tournament of Champions]!” Holzhauer’s response to the message was to say, “Jeopardy’s social media team should save time by alerting us when there’s NOT someone streaking.”

On its own, this comment comes across as sarcastic for sure, and perhaps a little annoyed at the turn of events. But then Holzhauer followed it up with a racier comment. “Unless of course they’re literally streaking, because that would boost ratings,” he added in a separate tweet.

“Jeopardy!” fans were not happy with Holzhauer’s comments, both the tone behind them and the double meaning. One person wrote on his post, “Salty!”

“Really, James? Did you have to go there?” another person said.

Others agreed with the former champion, though. A lot of them remember when Holzhauer was competing and scored huge wins. At the time, he set new records for the single-game winnings, the highest being more than $131,000. He also won the second-highest number of consecutive games after Ken Jennings with 32. Comparatively, Wachspress’ six games and $60,603 is fairly low. But that doesn’t diminish her accomplishment.

This Season of ‘Jeopardy!’ Has Indeed Been One of Super Champions

Perhaps James Holzhauer’s comment was just meant in jest. He could’ve just been remarking on the phenomenon of all these super champions from “Jeopardy! Season 38.

For the last three years, no one has come close to touching the records Holzhauer set. But last fall, Matt Amodio made huge waves when he won 38 games over Holzhauer’s 32. He also became the third person after Holzhauer to win more than $1 million. And, while Holzhauer used to hold the record for the Top 16 highest single-game records, Amodio soon came in and took the 13th highest spot.

Then, after Amodio lost, Amy Schneider rose to the top. She won an incredible 40 games and also scored over a million dollars. Her run was quickly followed by Mattea roach’s 23 day streak and Ryan Long’s 16-day streak. Jonathan Fisher also won 11 games this season, and we’ve see a slew of 4-day, 5-day, 6-day, and 7-day champions. This used to be a rare phenomenon, but this season has certainly proven different.