‘Jeopardy!’ Announces New Podcast to Be Hosted by Show’s Producers

by Joe Rutland

In an effort to keep an already rabid fan base dialed into Jeopardy!, show producers will be hosting a new podcast about it. That’s right. Executive producer Michael Davies will join others on Inside Jeopardy! and it’ll be out on a weekly basis. In fact, Davies talked about the podcast in a note he shared with the public. The information also was included in Davies’ announcement of Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik being named as permanent hosts.

“Hosted by the Jeopardy! producers, including me, ‘Inside Jeopardy!’ will give you all an inside look into everything going on behind the scenes at America’s Favorite Quiz Show: everything from gameplay analysis and behind-the-scenes stories, to official announcements, and special interviews,” Davies wrote. He adds that on Monday’s initial podcast, there will be an announcement of the contestants coming back for a Second Chance to become a Jeopardy! champ. People can sign up to get the podcast delivered to their favorite platform for podcasts, whether it’s Spotify, Apple, or another one.

Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik Will Share Host Duties On ‘Jeopardy!’

“And I will share my vision for Jeopardy!’s future, including new developments in the areas of pop culture and sports, plans for a Jeopardy! Honors awards show and my biggest and most passionately held idea: a Jeopardy! Masters league in primetime or on a streaming platform,” he said.

When it comes to how the hosting will break down, it looks like this. Jennings will kick off the new season in September. He also will host the first Second Chance competition, which Davies alluded to in his note. Ken also will be the point man behind the podium for the Tournament of Champions. That’s rather fitting since he, too, is a former champion on there. Well, really, are you ever a former champ? Probably not in the Jeopardy! world.

What about Bialik? She’s going to have her hands full this coming season. The Call Me Kat star will have her turn on the daytime show starting in January. Bialik also has been named as host of Celebrity Jeopardy! Davies also has said that the show will be working with Bialik to make sure she is free to film her sitcom’s episodes. Yet her commitment to the show is there. Fans looking for an easy solution to the hosting issue, namely that Jennings get it all to himself, were probably disappointed. But Jennings and Bialik will have plenty of opportunities to host the daily syndicated show and other related broadcasts. Jeopardy! might have gone through some bumpy waters in recent times. But it appears that a semblance of balance and normalcy is in the cards these days.