‘Jeopardy!’ Breaks Down Historic Season 38 Performances ‘By the Numbers’

by Joe Rutland

With Season 38 of Jeopardy! in the books, we’re looking back on the season and its incredible by-the-number performances. Among the names listed here are some of your favorite champions from the show. Let’s see what is being shared thanks to the show’s website.

We will start out with Amy Schneider. She had the most buzz attempts in a single game with 57. Schneider totaled 28 for the most categories run. Her top Jeopardy! round score was $18,600, a mark she shares with two other champs. We’ll get to them in a minute. Three different times, she had the most categories run in a single game with three.

Champions Rack Up Impressive Numbers On ‘Jeopardy!’

Next up is Matt Amodio. He had the most buzzes in a single game with 43. Meanwhile, he had the most correct responses in a single game with 42. Twice, he totaled the highest Jeopardy! round score at $18,600. Amodio also had the highest Double Jeopardy! round score at $48,400. Additionally, he had the highest winnings total from a single game at $83,000.

Andrew He had the largest correct Daily Double wager at $14,000. He, too, one time had the highest Jeopardy! round score at $18,600. Ryan Long tied for the most categories run in a single game with three. As you can tell, these champions were quite busy with the games they were playing and advanced beyond an initial victory. Who bounced He off of the show? None other than Schneider.

Speaking of champions, viewers get to see one regularly in Ken Jennings. He’s part of the hosting rotation with the game show. As people know, he and Mayim Bialik are going to share the time on the daytime show. Jennings will be on there from September through December. Bialik takes over in January. Also, Jennings will host the Tournament of Champions. You probably will see some of the names listed above there, too.

Meanwhile, Schneider recently reflected back on the game show phenomenon. She said that it is becoming more like a sport. “It’s becoming more like a sport,” she said in an interview. “There are people like I am who’ve been studying hard and going there to win. It’s more professionalized, and I think it’s a great change.” Game shows provide a different atmosphere depending on which show a contestant is on these days. For instance, you will not see a contestant on The Price Is Right actually prepare as one does for being on Jeopardy! as they are different formats. Still, it is fun to watch on TV and see who comes out on top of either one or another game show. Jeopardy! comes back with new episodes in September so get ready.