‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Announces Marriage to Longtime Partner

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider has gotten married to her longtime partner Genevieve Davis and she’s talking about it. Schneider, TMZ reported, made the news public through her social media accounts. She said that “Genevieve Davis and I are delighted to announce that on Monday, May 9, we were married in a small private ceremony at the Alameda County Recorder.” Both of them plan on a more traditional wedding when next summer rolls around. They did say, though, that “our lives have been much too busy this year to get very far in planning it, and we couldn’t wait that long to proclaimed our love and commitment to each other.”

Schneider and Davis shared photos of their civil ceremony on social media. A caption along with the photos read, “A year ago today, I was in LA, waiting to fulfill a dream. The year since has been full of good days, but by far the best one was May 9th, when Genevieve and I got married. Without her, none of the other good days would have happened. I’m so lucky to share my life with her!” Schneider got engaged to Davis back in February.

Billie Jean King Honored ‘Jeopardy!” Champion Amy Schneider

On Jeopardy!, Schneider totaled 40 straight victories. She picked up $1.3 million in earnings and that put her at the No. 2 spot on the all-time champions’ list. OK, so who is No. 1? None other than Ken Jennings, who many people claim is the Greatest Of All-Time, or GOAT, if you will. But here’s more Amy trivia. She was the first woman ever on Jeopardy! to go beyond the million-dollar mark in winnings. Also, Schneider is the first trans woman to qualify for the “Tournament of Champions” show. It will pop on TV in October with Jennings as host.

People who watched the U.S. Open tennis tournament saw Davis and Schneider together. Billie Jean King honored the game-show champ there, too. Of course, this is one champion recognizing another one. King is one of tennis’ greatest legends. So, King went on Twitter and shared a picture of them having a conversation.

King then wrote in the caption area, “Answer: She’s won 40 consecutive games of @Jeopardy, and holds the second-longest win streak in the program’s history. Question: Who is @Jeopardamy? How terrific to spend time with this champion during Pride Day at the #USOpen.” Schneider was definitely blown away by King’s comments. She said that meeting King was “genuinely one of the biggest honors of my life.” We’re not sure where this would rank alongside her marriage. But it probably is up there in the memories, too.