‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Eric Ahasic Calls Daily Doubles an ‘Integral Part’ of His Winning Strategy

by Caitlin Berard

Last week, Eric Ahasic made his Jeopardy! debut and immediately impressed fans across the country when he dethroned beloved super champion, Ryan Long. Since taking his place at the pinnacle of game show success, the meteorologist from Minnesota has only continued to prove his skill and immense knowledge.

Eric Ahasic’s success can be attributed to two things: his firm grasp of trivia and his almost unbelievably good luck. Four out of his six victories thus far have been runaways, meaning he answered question after question with ease, not even giving the competition a chance to respond.

And though last night’s episode featured Mazin Omer putting up a strong fight in the early game, Eric Ahasic emerged with yet another dominant victory. While his competitors finished with scores of $400 and $401, Eric took home a cool $26,800.

The newly crowned super champ has an impressive 92% success rate overall, along with 87% of his Daily Double responses being the correct ones. And speaking of Daily Doubles, this rare Jeopardy! occurrence is where the good luck comes in for Eric. Through his six games, Eric has found an astounding 15 of the 17 available Daily Double cards.

In a recent interview with Jeopardy! the champ explained his Daily Double prowess. “Daily Doubles are so random,” Ahasic said. “But they’re such an integral part of the game. And if there’s one that’s in a category you like, you can really do some damage right there!”

Eric Ahasic on His ‘Jeopardy!’ Run, ‘I’m So Happy to Be a Part of This Game’

In just a week on Jeopardy! Eric Ahasic has amassed a small fortune of $160,601 in winnings. Though he’s a lifelong fan of the game show and applied for 16 years before finally landing a contestant slot, he still finds his performance hard to believe.

Watching Jeopardy! from home for decades could have never prepared him for being an actual contestant, and he plans to enjoy the dream come true as long as he can. “I think that anyone who comes on this show, you hope you can win one [game],” Eric told Jeopardy! producers. “Then, if I can win one, I can win two. If I can win two, I can win three and just keep riding the wave as long as possible.”

Endearingly, Eric calls the highlight of his game show experience the simple reality of being a contestant. “Just to be able to do it for real,” he said. “And do it well. To actually win a game, let alone five, is…it’s just incredible. It’s fantastic. And I’m so happy to be a part of this game.”

As Mayim Bialik put it, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Eric Ahasic is making his toothless cat, Potato, very proud with his winning streak and unswerving positive attitude.